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2023 FALL HARVEST: Raw Organic Walnuts - 1LB 

Shelled . Unsalted . Certified Organic (CCOF/USDA) . Gluten Free . Non-GMO . Vegan . Unpasteurized . California Grown . Hand-Packed

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$.50 ea. off 5lbs +

$1.00 ea. off 10lbs +


Our seasonal 2023 Raw Organic Walnut harvest is nothing like what you'll find in your grocery store baking aisle. These buttery fresh gems are creamy, rich in nutrients, protein and packed with omega-3's.

They're a delicious and healthy addition to your diet. Ideal for snacking, cooking, baking and the perfect one-of-a-kind gift for the foodie in your life!

  • USPS shipping starts at $10
  • Handwritten cards available for gifts
  • NO peanut, soy, wheat, dairy, or other food-based allergens are used in our processing equipment 
  • If "pre-ordering" products with a release date posted, all items in your order will ship together at the same time

Packed in 1lb bags. (Ex. 1lb = 1 bag / 15lbs = 15 bags)



If you're looking for smaller baking pieces to add to granola, recipes, or smoothies, our "NIBS" are a great option. Click HERE to purchase & learn more. 



Chandler walnuts are mild, creamy, and buttery. You might be wondering how that description fits a walnut and we're here to tell you it's true.

Chandlers have a thinner shell which produces a lovely mix of walnut halves & pieces during the cracking process. The halves are perfect for garnishing pies, cupcakes or eating straight out of the bag! This variety is also ideal for someone who is new to walnuts as they have a low tannin content with mild, smooth flavors.



The Hartley is great for those who love and savor the taste of walnuts. It's also Corky's favorite variety. Slightly varied in color and more robust in flavor. Their rich, creamy and buttery texture is a favorite in our household, and are prized for their buttery walnut flavor profile.

Hartley's crack out in halves, pieces and smaller segments as their shell is thicker, which results in slightly more breakage of the meat during the cracking process. 



Our raw walnuts should ALWAYS be kept sealed and in the fridge, as the oils are fragile. Sunlight and warm temperatures will alter the oil, which can quickly affect the taste and quality of your walnuts. If you plan to nibble and eat them on a regular basis, they are best kept in the fridge. For longer periods, they can be placed in the freezer for up to a year. 

To maintain the freshness and quality of your walnuts, be sure to keep them sealed and at a temperature between 33F and 41F

  • 1 pound (450g) shelled walnuts = approx 3 3/4 cups 
  • 1 cup whole walnut pieces = 4 oz or about 50 halves of walnuts
  • 1 cup chopped walnuts = 4.5 oz 
  • Approx specs: 220 pieces per pound. Bag size: 7″ x 12″

 **May contain occasional shell fragments** 




The nuts are good!

Written by Cecile on Apr 6th 2024

Not much to say, here. Consistently as expected, with sustainable packaging.

Love this product

Written by Norah on Feb 20th 2024

I have been ordering these walnuts since Nicole and Eric began Corky's Nuts! Their products are always fresh, delicious and delivered in a timely manner. It's a pleasure to support this company.


Written by Chris P. on Feb 7th 2024

Always great to get truly raw walnuts! Taste amazing! Thank you.

Best tasting walnuts

Written by Todd S. on Feb 3rd 2024

Whomever harvested these walnuts is the greatest walnut grower on earth. Thanks Nicole. Hope you and Eric are well!

Magical little gems!

Written by Helena on Feb 1st 2024

Corky’s walnuts are truly something special. Both varieties are creamy, buttery and delicious. I don’t think I’ve ever had walnuts as fresh as these. I’m so impressed with the quality!

Corky’s Walnuts

Written by Tara on Jan 23rd 2024

The walnuts are amazing and no comparison to buying from a grocery store. We are beyond thankful to have found Corky’s for our walnut and pecan needs!!

Great nut butter, oil and nuts!

Written by Scott Y. on Jan 23rd 2024

Enjoyed all three so much I ordered more to last through the season. Thank you.

Corky's Nuts

Written by Gay-Lynn B. on Dec 29th 2023

I have ordered delicious walnuts and pecans from Corky's Nuts for a few years now and they are always wonderful. They are nothing like any walnuts or pecans that I have ever had prior to ordering from Corky's Nuts. Yummy!


Written by gaie s. on Dec 19th 2023

Walnuts are vibrant, fresh tasting, almost melt in your mouth, the best!

2023 Walnuts

Written by Terry S. on Dec 13th 2023

I received my order of walnuts and felt like a child in a candy store! Thank you CORKY’S for growing with love the best walnuts I have ever eaten! Walnuts are such a healthy snack, and I’m so happy to have my freezer stocked with hopefully enough to get me through 2024.

Quality, walnuts

Written by Rose on Oct 6th 2023

I find Corky walnuts, to always be fresh! Not sure why...in the past before trying Corky's walnuts my tongue would always get sore from eating walnuts…that I purchased from the grocery stores. Since I’ve had Corkys walnuts, I haven’t experienced a sore tongue from eating them.

Walnuts for Life!!

Written by Terri Ann T. on Sep 15th 2023

They are absolutely the best Walnuts!! They are fresh and melt in your mouth. Thank you for bringing fresh Walnuts to us!!!

Love their Walnuts!!

Written by Terri T. on Aug 8th 2023

It truly is an amazing walnut and tastes so fresh compared to store bought. I am hooked on Corky's Nuts.

Corky's nuts are a revelation!

Written by Ellen on Jun 3rd 2023

I always liked walnuts, but I never knew how good they could be until I found Corky's at my local farmer's market. Fresh, sweet, and full of flavor. And now I can get them online, which is very convenient, though I'm glad I met the farmer (who, by the way, is charming). These make all the difference in a salad or in baking. Love Corky's.


Written by Sarah on May 8th 2023

LOVE your delicious walnuts! Ran out of the first order-and husband requested I order more! Nutritious, filling and just plain tasty! Arrived in a blink!

Organic Walnuts

Written by Kemal G. on Apr 29th 2023

Excellent organic walnuts. Also, Corky's Nuts is an excellent, reliable, business if you want to purchase products online, very highly recommended.

Best Walnuts Ever

Written by Jeanette on Jan 28th 2023

So good!! I bought 10 pounds and am happy I did. Packaging is great too for easy storage in cupboard or freezer. Support a family farm and enjoy the best walnuts ever.

Walnuts - 2 Varieties

Written by pbennett on Jan 27th 2023

We were so happy to find these walnuts available online. The walnuts were easy to order and arrived as expected. The walnuts are fresh, clean tasting, and delicious - probably the best we have ever had. I purchased a couple of extra bags as gifts, and I am certain they will be enjoyed. We will order again in the near future. Thank you! :)

Delicious, creamy, dreamy walnuts!

Written by Elizabeth H. on Jan 27th 2023

Corky's Nuts has the most delicious walnuts. The walnuts are tender, creamy, flavorful, and never bitter. I've not found a walnut from any grower or company as delicious, creamy, and fresh as Corky's walnuts. We're hooked.

In a class of their own:

Written by Josephine on Dec 30th 2022

These really are as good as advertised: so perfectly fresh, carefully handled, big beautiful halves and some large pieces, hardly *any* small bits. I ordered both Chandler and Hartley, but have only tried the Chandler so far. They are extremely mild—pleasant and light, sort of creamy-tasting. I'm looking forward to the Hartley, as I think I'll prefer the stronger flavor, but in general...just terrific. I will order again.

The best

Written by Carolyn on Dec 27th 2022

Once you buy these walnuts, you will never buy them from a grocery store again. They are as fresh as can possibly be. They are tasty, crunchy, and even smell good. As a plus, I even like the packaging.


Written by Lana R. on Dec 24th 2022

These walnuts are special: they are large, the right amount of crunchy, and so flavorful. They are different. Their freshness and taste makes them so satisfying, so delicious. I am a new fan!


Written by Carolyn W. on Dec 17th 2022

These are the most amazingly delicious walnuts I have ever tasted. I never was a big fan of walnuts. Here and there - OK. These walnuts I love.

raw walnuts

Written by Olga on Dec 13th 2022

the best walnuts i have ever tasted. will definitely be ordering more. thank you

Wow!!! Corky's Nuts are awesome!

Written by Selby H. on Oct 19th 2022

I ordered 2lbs of Corky's walnuts (I got the Hartley variety) with the intention of baking and cooking for the fall holidays. However, I started snacking on the walnuts, and thought to myself, "Wow, these are tasty!" So, I lightly toasted some and after eating them thought to myself, "Wow! These are even better!" Then I made a walnut praline with the toasted walnuts, and yelled, "Mama Mia!" I'm now snacking on a few as I write this and planning a walnut pie. Corky's Nuts are awesome, let me say. It looks like I will have to order again before Thanksgiving!

Best experience…

Written by Jason G. on Sep 27th 2022

This is one of those companies where the experience of getting the product is as satisfying as the product itself. The website is simple and gorgeous. The ethics and care that go into the growth, harvest and packaging seem impeccable. The customer service is friendly and personal. The delivery was quick. And the flavor and consistency of the nuts is beyond what you hope for. I don’t write many reviews, but for this company, I gush!

Walnuts--raw organic Chandlers

Written by Richard P. on Sep 24th 2022

These are without a doubt the best walnuts I have found--store bought brands taste like they're a year old (or more??), while these are fresh and have the kind of flavor that doesn't need roasting or salt. I'd eat 'em right out of the bag, but it is better to savor them more slowly. Thank you for doing this direct retail.


Written by Elektra B. on Sep 21st 2022

Best walnuts I’ve ever had. I made zucchini bread that was so much better than usual because of these wonderfully delicious nuts.

Organic Chandler Walnut

Written by Elizabeth E. on Sep 20th 2022

I love these walnuts and am always delighted when they arrive at my door. They are delicious as a snack, a welcome addition to salads and my morning cereal. Thank you and keep growing the lovely walnuts.

Hartley Walnuts

Written by Jennifer on Sep 16th 2022

Fantastic! These are the best walnuts and I've tried many. Thank you!

Fresh and amazing

Written by Tara on Aug 9th 2022

Corky’s walnuts and pecans are beyond fresh and the taste is amazing. You don’t get this flavor from conventional nuts at the grocery store. Corky’s is also amazing for allergy families too, by producing only 2 tree nuts, and not at the same time! We are hooked on these!


Written by Annette F. on Aug 2nd 2022

If you think you like walnuts and haven’t eaten Corky’s you really need to buy some. I am so excited to have received my order of 3 Chandler and 3 Hartley bags of whole walnuts! The taste can’t be compared. We eat the walnuts in salads, on cheese boards, with oatmeal and my favorite is just popping ‘em as a snack!!!

Corky's Organic Walnuts

Written by Michael B. on Jul 31st 2022

Corky's organic walnuts are absolutely the freshest, tastiest walnuts we have EVER experienced. My wife Carol and I had the good fortune to discover Corky's back in 2017. Since that time we have been loyal customers and great fans. Having been in business for 30 years, we appreciate their business model. Thru great adversity, Corky's has maintained the highest standards, in product and outstanding customer service. Thank you.


Written by Kim B. on Jul 27th 2022

The walnuts are amazing. Having celiac has made me search for a company that doesn’t cross contaminate nuts with wheat and I’m happy to have found corky’s nuts for walnuts & pecans.

Great Walnuts

Written by Ruth A S. on Jun 10th 2022

I've been buying these for several years now and they are great tasting...have for breakfast many mornings with fruit. Such a good taste probably due to how fresh they are. Thanks for all your hard work, Corkys.

Delicious buttery walnuts

Written by Yuliya Bas on Jun 2nd 2022

I've ordered walnuts a couple of times from Corky's and they never fail to deliver quality product. The walnuts are fresh, buttery and make a fantastic snack, granola add-in, or even cake topping.

Chandler Walnuts

Written by Cory L. on Apr 12th 2022

Best I have ever had, hands down.

Wonderful Walnuts

Written by Elizabeth Enright on Jan 12th 2022

These creamy walnuts are not only delicious but wonderful as gifts to friends and family. It is a great way to spread good healthy eating habits. Thank you for spreading the joy.

Fan for life!

Written by Elizabeth E on Dec 24th 2021

I love the buttery, creamy taste of your organic walnuts and only purchase them from you. I reluctantly give them to dear friends to encourage them to become customers of Corky's. They all give these nuts rave reviews. Thank you for your meticulous processing and for loving and nurturing the trees as they grow.


Written by Janet W. on Dec 23rd 2021

I have been purchasing from Corkys for years now and I am always extremely satisfied with their products. I absolutely love the Chandler walnuts! Once you try Corkys walnuts you will make sure you never run out, as nothing else comes close. I also want to give gold stars to their customer service…outstanding! Way to go guys.


Written by Linda G D. on Dec 23rd 2021

I love these walnuts for cooking and in my yogurt, but I particularly love them as a snack. They remain fresh in my refrigerator. The flavor is mild and fresh tasting as I would expect. I will continue to order them.


Written by Sharon S. on Dec 22nd 2021

I will not buy walnuts in the grocery store any more. I have been buying your organic walnuts and pecans for years because they are so delicious. I give them as holiday gifts . I just made apricot bars with a meringue and walnut topping! They are still cooling on the counter now. Merry Christmas!

Organic Raw Walnuts

Written by Terry on Dec 21st 2021

This is my third year ordering your fabulously fresh walnuts for myself and friends. No bitterness,...you can taste the freshness. What a walnut should taste like. They are simply the BEST! There's no going back once you've enjoyed the real deal.


Written by Helen B. on Dec 13th 2021

They are wonderful. Fresh and Delicious.

Others just don’t compare

Written by Susan K. on Dec 13th 2021

I’m a pomegranate lover and have a tendency to buy lots, pull out the pips in one sitting and eat at my leisure the juicy goodness. This year, I went to our premium market in town and bought 1/2 a dozen then de-pipped them into glass jars. Three days later my case of corkys poms came in and I did it again. Wow…no comparison! The premium store pips were smaller, lighter and not nearly as juicy! My son even commented about the startling differences between the jars. Corkys pomegranates are now the only ones I will buy. Worth the wait for quality. This was also our first year getting Hartley varietal of walnuts on top of the chandler. “Like buttah” is really the only way to put it. Mellow without the tannin kick I often get with walnuts from the box stores. Both varieties are great but these are going to be my snacking packs. Highly recommended!!!

Best Walnuts in the World

Written by Gina on Oct 21st 2021

Yum, I have a handful everyday!

raw organic Corky Nuts

Written by P. Lyn Middleton on Oct 20th 2021

Nutritiously Delicious! Fresh! Beautiful and taste so so so good.

Awesome Walnuts

Written by Leah B. on Oct 20th 2021

Best walnuts I’ve ever had. Corky’s has gained a new regular customer. In addition to top quality product, they have top notch customer service. They personally called me as I awaited my purchase in the mail. It was a little late but they did not leave me hanging, wondering where my order was…I really appreciate this phone call.


Written by Caralyn D on Oct 11th 2021

You can literally taste the freshness--it's like an added level of umami. Best walnuts I've ever had. This is not hyperbole. They're just that good.


Written by John on Sep 28th 2021

Just letting everyone know -- the Chandler walnuts are fabulous. It is a different product from anything you get in the supermarkets. Three cheers for Corkys!


Written by John S. on Sep 18th 2021

They are healthy & delicious. Highly recommend.

My mother-in-law is a new convert to Corky's!

Written by Courtney D. on Sep 13th 2021

I was having trouble thinking of a good gift for my mother-in-law, but I remembered how, on her last visit, I had told her that studies say eating 9 walnuts a day is good for brain health. She had been intrigued by that and committed to eating more walnuts. So, I thought, let's make it easy and send her 2 bags of Corky's walnuts. Yesterday, she and my father-in-law called and said they had broken open a bag right after receiving the shipment, tried the nuts and LOOOVED them! She actually said, "We are new converts to Corky's!" This might sound like hyperbole, but I THINK she tacked on "for life!"?! Anyway, the gift was a hit, I'm a hero, and I enjoyed the win-win of turning another person into a Corky's fanatic!

Like Buttahhhhhh

Written by Susan K. on Aug 19th 2021

The difference between walnuts from the grocery and these are night and day. I had no idea that walnuts were tender and buttery until I tried Corky's Nuts. We picked up a bag for now along with some pecans to make sure I could make my favorites for the fall holidays...unfortunately, they may not make it that long as my "little taste" has now become 1/4 a bag! MORE please! :)

Organic Walnuts

Written by Claudia on Aug 14th 2021

Will never but grocery store walnuts again! Sweet, buttery, great texture.

Best Walnuts!

Written by Chris K on Aug 10th 2021

I eat a lot of walnuts. Mostly in my morning oatmeal, but occasionally by themselves. Hands down these are the best walnuts I've ever had. Didn't realize store bought walnuts out of bins were so stale (and sometimes rancid) until having fresh walnuts from Corky's Nuts. Try them yourself and you won't be disappointed.


Written by Jane S. on Aug 10th 2021

I have reviewed Corky's Nuts before, but it bears repeating: This is a great company to support. Very responsive, personalized service. The walnuts are superior to any others I have eaten, and well worth the price. I ordered 2 bags and immediately put my name on one and my husband's on the other. I know this reflects badly on me, but it is testimonial to the walnuts.


Written by Courtney D. on Aug 9th 2021

The best walnuts you've ever had! Buttery, fresh, and divine!


Written by LG on Aug 9th 2021

These are absolutely THE BEST walnuts you will ever eat in your life!!! ~ 40-year consumer of walnuts :)

Chandler Walnuts

Written by eskay on Jul 13th 2021

Chandler walnuts are amazing. Slightly sweet and so fresh. 2nd time purchasing them!

Chandler Walnuts

Written by CoryLieu on Jul 6th 2021


Chandler Walnuts

Written by Teresa H. on May 10th 2021

Friends gifted a bag of these walnuts to me. I loved them and came to your website to order more after I finished my gifted bag. They are the best walnuts I've ever eaten and I had to have more! I have been raving about them to my friends and sharing samples with them. Thank you for making available such a great product! I'll be back on you website to try even more of what you have to offer.

The Best Walnuts!

Written by Gina H. on May 6th 2021

We love the walnuts bought both types after receiving the first order and yum you must get the walnut meal. We put the walnut meal on salads, so great!!!! We are hooked thank you for all the lovely nuts, we are loving them. Appreciate your hard work to produce amazing produce!

Organic Walnuts

Written by Rolanda on Apr 23rd 2021

I was so excited when I received an email saying my order had shipped. The organic walnuts (Hartley & Chandler) were the best tasting and freshest walnuts I've every had. Thank you for producing high quality products. I will share your company with all of my friends and family.

Hartley Walnuts

Written by Lynda, Colorado on Apr 21st 2021

These are absolutely the best and freshest walnuts I've ever tasted!! I did the side by side taste test and there is no comparison with store bought brands. These are definitely the creamiest and most buttery I've ever had, that it's hard to stop munching on handfuls of these delicious treats! I will definitely be a return customer and am looking forward to trying the Chandler as well. Thank you Corky's!

One taste = WOW!

Written by Lisa on Apr 20th 2021

You will never be able to buy supermarket nuts again. When I first tasted one of Corky's Nuts Chandler walnuts, I wasn't immediately aware of how markedly better than a supermarket nut. It was definitely tasty, and fresher. But then, as a comparison, I tried one of my supermarket walnuts, and WOW, I could REALLY taste the difference then! The supermarket nut smelled and tasted so stale and awful. Corky's Nuts are a revelation in how a real walnut should taste. I also purchased a bag as a gift for my mother. She remarked on how they smelled and tasted so different, and she's "saving" her bag by limiting herself to just several pieces a day.

Amazing product

Written by Lane F. on Apr 15th 2021

My first order arrived today and I was completely blown away by these amazing organic walnuts. There truly is a noticeable difference in taste and quality from the very first bite. These are perhaps the finest walnuts I have ever had. Not only are they great right out of the bag, but I can’t wait to try the walnut pesto recipe. I’ve been tossing them in salads and using them in cookies and brownies. You can tell from the moment they arrive that Corky’s Nuts is passionate about these gems and their passion, high standards and commitment to quality really shine through. I also feel good supporting local artisanal brands who are educating the public on the simple joys of clean, minimally processed food grown right here in the U.S.A. You’d be nuts not to try these!

Walnuts and Walnut meal

Written by Ana Krista J. on Apr 11th 2021

The walnuts are divine. So creamy, buttery and never bitter. This was my first time trying the walnut meal. You must try it! It is so delicious sprinkled on a yogurt and berry parfait. Such a treat.

Hartley Walnuts

Written by Michael D. on Apr 10th 2021

These nuts are fantastic. I never knew what I had been missing till someone recommended I buy these nuts. They make amazing snacks just by themselves or as an ingredient in another dish. I ordered 2 bags and will certainly be ordering more next time around.


Written by E Hendriks on Apr 9th 2021

These are the most delicious walnuts I have ever eaten!

Organic raw walnuts

Written by Ginny V. on Apr 8th 2021

I decided I was tired of buying half-rancid nuts at the store, and boy am I glad I found out about Corky's. You can sure taste the pure walnut flavor. Can't wait to try the walnut oil.

Walnuts, glorious walnuts

Written by Serena N E. on Apr 8th 2021

After finding out how healthy walnuts are (literally, they change your brain, who knew?!?!), I tried a bag from my grocery store. And they were not great. Most were fine but then you bite into one that was stale and it ruined the experience for me. And I tried a second bag. And a third. (I still have all three). All three had ok pieces and rancid pieces. So I figured if I was going to try walnuts again - I had to try something different. So I tried Corky's Nuts. And I am thrilled!! Two bags down and I am ready for more. The most exciting find was the walnut meal! It makes it so easy to mix with spinach, olive oil and parm as a pesto. I am back in love with walnuts and getting healthier with each handful. Two thumbs up! (PS - and their customer service is better than their walnuts!)


Written by Chere L C. on Apr 6th 2021

I read an article that lead me to your website and decided to place an order to see what an actual fresh walnut tasted like and I am so happy I did! I received the order the other day and have been snacking on them and used them in a salad. You were correct that they are nothing like what you find in the grocery. I had even recently bought other fresh walnuts at our local health food store and yours are different and better. They just seem so fresh and nicely oily in a wonderful sense, not at all dry and crumbly. I also really appreciate the sample walnut meal. I will definitely order again.


Written by Michael D. B. on Apr 5th 2021

Thanks Soooo Much….Better than Christmas! We were delighted to receive our order ‘Plus’.

Hartley walnuts

Written by Emma K. on Apr 5th 2021

So beautiful and delicious!! Packing is very nice, all compostable or recyclable. Love it!

hartley raw walnuts

Written by Frances G M. on Apr 4th 2021

The walnuts were very good.

Yummy walnuts

Written by Lane G. on Apr 3rd 2021

These totally fresh and yummy walnuts far exceed my expectations. And knowing they’re sustainably raised makes them even sweeter!


Written by Jennifer M. on Apr 3rd 2021

Normally I don't like walnuts because they are bitter, but I tried yours and no bitter taste! I put the walnut meal on vegies as an added bonus. Great!


Written by Terri T. on Apr 3rd 2021

I am a Corky's fan for life! Nothing compares to their farm fresh Walnuts!!! I am looking forward to trying other products from them in the future!! Thank you for keeping farming alive!!!

Wonderful fresh walnuts

Written by Helen B. on Apr 3rd 2021

Really fresh and ready to use. Packaging is great.

A GREAT gift!

Written by Heidi on Apr 3rd 2021

Who doesn’t love nuts? Especially Corky’s. Don’t hesitate to gift these to your friends, enemies (they won’t be enemies for long), family, the dog sitter, house sitter... just eat ‘em and gift ‘em. Your life will significantly improve. Trust me.


Written by Sue on Apr 3rd 2021

The walnuts were wonderful - fresh, unprocessed, beautifully packaged (ready for gift giving) and arrived without damage in a sturdy box.

Delicious and fresh walnuts from a small business!

Written by Stas R. on Apr 1st 2021

Just opened my package of Hartley walnuts and they are fresh and crunchy. There is no chewiness to these nuts; they are delicate and almost melt in your mouth with a crumble. Mildly flavored and delicious!

Raw Walnuts

Written by Judith on Mar 31st 2021

I love walnuts and I especially love fresh walnuts. There is a true difference. These are fresh and are packaged to keep them fresh and accessible. Corky's Nuts has been through some very tough times and yet kept customers well served.

Great nuts!

Written by Casey on Mar 28th 2021

I've never had fresh walnuts ever before. They're a game changer, and I can never go back to anything else.

Worth the wait!

Written by Jennifer on Mar 27th 2021

We are first time customers and we are thrilled to report that these nuts are amazingly delicious. We can never go back to chain store bought again! Such thoughtful extras were included with our order as well. Happy to support this small farm!

Thank you!

Written by Yumi I. on Mar 26th 2021

They are so delicious that I will be a regular customer.

gift order

Written by Irene on Mar 26th 2021

Ordered nuts as a gift to my sister who bakes all the time. When things went crazy I appreciated all the updates as to what was going on. She just recieved her order and is thrilled. Will definitely order again.


Written by Viki P. on Mar 24th 2021

I look forward to these delicious fresh organic walnuts every year-amazingly delicious and nothing like what you buy-in the store. SO much better!


Written by kathleen k. on Mar 23rd 2021

Hi Nicole, I AM a fan for life! I have enjoyed your walnuts for several seasons now, and the thought of walnut-centered creations sets my mind a reeling! I had you send some to my daughter in NYC and she was delighted. A late Christmas present due to your challenges, she was surprised with a delivery right around her birthday. So it all worked out. I am happy to hear it has all worked out for you too, Nicole, and your faithful team. The best part of the nuts, though, is the connection that is created. The products are so tasty and it feels good to present creations that are full of beautiful, healthy products of nature. And love. Although there are miles between us, my daughter and I gleefully chatted about what we were going to make and what we have already done with our walnuts. Admittedly, we just eat them straight from the package. Hmmm. So good. I talk up Corky's when ever I get the chance. Although I live in Seattle now, I am a true California girl (Sacramento!). I am happy to support a small family business and wish you much success in your new facility. Thanks! Kathleen


Written by Samantha on Mar 21st 2021

Top quality! We love these!

Unrivaled Nuts

Written by Anne on Mar 21st 2021

My husband and I order both the Chandler and Hartley Walnuts each season and are completely smitten. Certain hands keep dipping in, it would appear, as the bags empty out at warp speed. :-) The freshness of these nuts is unsurpassed, as is their delectability. The Raw Organic Walnut Meal is now an added favorite…delicious with yogurt. We’re spoiled for life, I’m afraid, as we have no interest in other brands since stumbling upon these gems. Thank you for your excellence and wonderful customer care, Corky’s!


Written by Dale A. on Mar 20th 2021

Wow .. so good. I didn't even really like walnuts, but my husband loves them so I bought some Corky's walnuts for him as a treat. They are the best he has ever tasted and now they are for us both. So worth the wait. Thanks.

Awesome Nuts!!

Written by Lisa on Mar 20th 2021

The walnuts were worth the wait! Fresh and delicious!! Thank you!!

Best Walnuts Ever

Written by Brendan on Mar 20th 2021

These are the BEST walnuts I have ever tried. It made me realize every other walnut I ate was slightly rancid. These fresh beauties have no bitter aftertaste. Immediately bought more.

The best!

Written by Sieglinde on Oct 23rd 2020

I would not start my day without Chandler walnuts and cereal. They are the very best and I'm glad I discovered them.

Walnuts and walnut oil

Written by Donna M H. on Aug 31st 2020

Their walnuts do not have that bitter taste that all other walnuts have, even organic ones! Their walnut oil is also much more flavorful and I'm sure more nutritious than the regular walnut oil you buy off the shelf in a health food store. This company has now become my new go-to for walnuts and the oil!! Bravo!


Written by Ellen on Aug 12th 2020

Order arrived quickly. The walnuts are beautiful, large pieces (halves) and taste amazing. Highly recommend.

the best NUTS!!!

Written by Constance on Aug 11th 2020

SO fresh so delicious!!!

Best Walnuts Ever!

Written by Amber C. on Jul 14th 2020

I never thought I would rave about walnuts, but I have never tried walnuts like these! They are so fresh, sweet, and slightly spicy and never have that rancid, bitter taste. I am also in love with their avocados, they are perfect, so creamy and delicious. This is a small family run business, and their customer service is incredible. We normally buy their products at the farmer's market but with the current situation, we have been able to have everything shipped to us, and they are so quick to respond anytime I've ever reached out. They even reached out to me when I made a mistake with my order! Such a wonderful family run business, I can't recommend enough!

Hartley Walnuts

Written by Linda C. on Jul 13th 2020

I'm a first time buyer of Corky's walnuts, and the walnuts are best I've ever eaten. I'm so happy to find them when I searched the internet for "best tasting organic walnut". Corky's walnuts truly are as delicious as they say!! They are delicious on a cheese plate with honey.

Chandler walnuts

Written by Elizabeth on Jul 12th 2020

These walnuts are delicious. Not at all bitter with a thin light skin and creamy nut meat. We have not found good tasting walnuts at any local or online store so we are happy to have these!

Organic walnuts

Written by Marisol on Jul 7th 2020

Delicious. Fresh. Will never go back to store bought. Beautifully packaged for storing in the fridge. Thank you for putting out such a lovely product.


Written by Marisol on Jul 7th 2020

Delicious. Fresh. Will never go back to store-bought. Beautifully packaged food for storing in the fridge. Thank you for putting out such a lovely product.

Chandler walnuts!!

Written by Diana on Jul 6th 2020

I recently found Corky’s Nuts online and am so happy to be supporting a Black owned company. I ordered their chandler variety walnuts and had no idea there were different varieties of walnuts. They are creamy, mild and barely any tannins at all. Regular walnuts tend to be tannic which leaves the mouth slightly dry, but not these gems! Definitely give them a try. Highly recommend! Also, make sure to store your walnuts in the fridge or freezer to keep them fresh longer and to prevent them from oxidizing. Thanks Nicole!!

Best walnuts ever!

Written by Ivan on Jul 5th 2020

I had these shipped to my mother first because I hadn't finished my store of walnuts (from another producer). My mom hasn't been able to stop raving about Corky's walnuts and sending me pics comparing them to the other walnuts she had. My mom says these walnuts are sweeter and creamier than what she's had and loves snacking on them. I was going to wait until I finished what I had to order some, but forget that! I'm ordering my own now as soon as I finish this review!


Written by Melvin B. on Jul 4th 2020

Came in today. Great July 4th treat!!


Written by CZ on Jul 3rd 2020

The best walnuts I’ve ever tasted!

Hartley Walnuts are extraordinary!

Written by Lenore on Jul 1st 2020

I have done research on walnuts and have eaten them regularly but I was not aware of the special flavor of fresh Hartley walnuts. They are delightful plain or roasted lightly in the pan. Delicious! And the customer service at Corky’s is a treat - they followed up immediately to my shipment questions . Nicole was very personable and efficient.


Written by Lori J. on Jun 15th 2020

I have been buying my walnuts from Corky's since I read an article in Sunset magazine a few years back. I can no longer eat store-bought walnuts. I have been very spoiled. Not only are the walnuts far better than anything I can buy in the store but I feel good supporting a small sustainable farm! It's a win-win!


Written by Carolyn on Jun 13th 2020

I don't know if juicy is the word to describe a nut, but that's what I think when I eat one of your walnuts. They came as described - all big halves, so tasty, and JUICY!!!


Written by Carol Ann on Jun 11th 2020

Ordered both varieties to share with a friend. We did a taste test and liked both, though I preferred the milder Chandlers and my friend liked both equally!

Raw Organic Walnuts

Written by Nick C. on Jun 9th 2020

Everything came thoughtfully packaged, managed to snack on some nuts already and they were beyond delicious. Looking forward to cracking open our oil and butter as well and putting them to use!

fresh walnuts

Written by S Thompson on May 25th 2020

These nuts are just as good as the ones we used to get as kids - fresh from my grandparents farm up in Oregon. I never thought I'd have that deliciousness ever again and I'm so happy to have found them here! The walnuts are beautiful, fresh and perfectly packaged.

Simply the BEST Walnuts!

Written by Linda S. on May 22nd 2020

My mom turned me on to these delectable gems a couple of years ago. I love how fresh and delicious these walnuts are and the quality is unsurpassed. You never need to worry about biting into a stale rancid nut with these!

Imakeyouskinny nuts

Written by Danielle N. on May 11th 2020

Wish I ordered more very fresh organic and chemical free ... I know!

Organic Walnuts

Written by Roberta R. on May 9th 2020

The best tasting... best packaged... best overall organic walnuts on the market! Perfect in every way. Thanks :)

Chandler Variety Walnuts

Written by Paul E. on May 6th 2020

Absolutely the freshest and tastiest walnuts I have ever had. They are fabulous and I highly recommend them. And the service from Corky's is great as well.

Nuts for nuts!

Written by Miranda J. on May 5th 2020

These walnuts are the platonic ideal of walnuts. Bought my walnut hound husband two bags and he is very impressed. Can't wait to try the walnut oil next. Thank you!

You are NUTS!

Written by Lynn on Apr 20th 2020

Nuts are my go-to power food in the office and Corky's walnuts are an absolutely delicious, rich, sweet and plump treat. I keep thinking I will save them for a special baking project but they never make it that long. I doubled my last year's order and am already questioning my judgement--should have quadrupled it. So thankful for this family farm! Stay safe out there!

Walnut Love

Written by C. Fisk on Apr 16th 2020

Such wonderful quality and flavor. I am now spoiled and will have to keep ordering them form Corky's!

Raw Organic Shelled Walnuts

Written by Pam on Apr 16th 2020

The Chandler walnut variety is delicious. I never realized there were different varieties until I happened upon an article about Corky's in Sunset Magazine & thought I'd give them a try. Now I'm a fan - these walnuts are so much better than what I usually bought in grocery stores. Creamy, mild & irresistible. They're great for snacking & make a tasty & thoughtful gift. I also like the fact that they're from a local, organic, family farm. Farmers are the backbone of America - thank you for providing a healthy & delicious product!


Written by Robin on Mar 27th 2020

These are absolutely the most delicious walnuts I have ever eaten! My favorite is the Chandler, but both varieties are excellent. I eat some every day. I don't ever want to be without them! I love knowing that I am not only eating such nutritious, chemical-free nuts, but that I am also supporting a family farm. Thanks for keeping your standards high, Corky's crew!

Delightful walnuts!

Written by Jimin on Mar 18th 2020

Seriously, the most delicious walnuts I've ever had in my entire life! And they're even organic. What can I expect more? :) All my family members love these walnuts and we got an extra pound this time for our parents as a gift. Did I mention how great their customer service is? Really quick response when asking questions and sweet hand-written note from Nicole with my purchase. Strongly recommended to everyone!!


Written by Debby M. on Mar 12th 2020

These are the best walnuts I've ever tasted!


Written by Gail on Mar 11th 2020

These are, by far, the best walnuts I’ve ever had! Fresh walnuts have a meaty, smooth, deliciousness that cannot be described until eaten. Friends that tell me they don’t prefer walnuts, after trying these, they have a whole new appreciation for this nut! Thank you Corky’s for providing the freshest organic walnut for my enjoyment. I’m hooked!

So fresh!

Written by Shulamit on Feb 6th 2020

The freshest walnuts ever! I love both varieties having a handful a day really does ‘keep the dr away’ as a go-to for my health. Yummiest snack! I also love CORKY'S walnut butter on my home made sour dough. Thank you for your care from the growing, harvesting and right through to the speedy delivery of the well packaged walnuts right to my door. ❤️


Written by Sophia S. on Jan 29th 2020

This is the first year we ordered walnuts and we opted to get both varieties. Excellent decision. The walnuts were a big holiday hit! They were delicious and so fresh. We enjoyed them by themselves and with cheese and fruit. What a nice treat!

Corky's Nuts

Written by Paul E. on Jan 13th 2020

These are always the freshest and best tasting walnuts you can find anywhere. And the service is terrific as well. Enjoy!

Nuts for these nuts!!

Written by Annette F. on Jan 7th 2020

Our family anxiously waits for the arrival of the annual Corky’s Nuts delivery. They are absolutely delicious!

the BEST walnuts!

Written by Linda S. on Dec 26th 2019

My mom recommended Corky's Nuts to me. I have yet to buy any other walnut! They are creamy, meaty and large walnuts with endless possibilities of use in your everyday meals. I tell all my friends about these delicious nuggets of goodness!


Written by Jan W. on Dec 24th 2019

I love the Chandler walnuts and can’t wait until the season begins to stock up for the year!

I AM IN Love with these walnuts!!!

Written by wendy r. on Dec 23rd 2019

Thank you so much, brings me and my family comfort knowing we have something so healthy and delicious to eat every morning, especially through these cold winter months!


Written by Pat T. on Dec 20th 2019

This is the third year I've ordered from Corky's Nuts. During the fall I keep checking when the harvest will be shipped! I love walnuts, and many sources say eating nuts can add three years to your longevity. The walnuts sold in the supermarket are terribly stale, maybe last year's harvest, and they are not organic. Corky's walnuts are fresh AND organic. Tastes wonderful!


Written by Dok S. on Dec 19th 2019

It’s the crunchy taste. It’s wonderful , like no other walnut. But it’s also the young family that carefully gets these walnuts to you.

raw organic walnuts

Written by Susan C. on Dec 19th 2019

Awesome product you make and I thank you much for offering raw organic walnuts. They are fresh and great tasting. I've ordered them the last few years and really love the quality. I highly recommend them.

The best Walnuts

Written by Amalgam Kitchen on Dec 18th 2019

Corky's Chandler Walnuts are delicious. They taste so fresh and vibrant. The quality is incredible too. I eat them raw as a snack and use them in my cooking. I appreciate the small, family owned and run business and am happy to support organic farmers.


Written by Sarah W. on Dec 16th 2019

Once you have these walnuts you are ruined and don't enjoy store bought walnuts like you used to. We freeze a supply, but ran out for a few months, and that is when we really appreciated the CORKY'S because what we could get at the store just didn't cut it anymore. We jumped up and down with joy when the 2019 harvest arrived; we are hooked!!!


Written by eric k. on Dec 16th 2019

Always excellent

Organic Walnuts

Written by Roberta R. on Dec 16th 2019

Truly these are the best walnuts I've ever eaten! I WAS a firm believer in a nut is a nut... until I purchased walnuts from Nic :) Thank you! And Merry Christmas!


Written by Martha on Dec 16th 2019

Very fresh tasting walnuts.

2019 Hartley Walnuts: Super Tasty

Written by Ronald K. on Dec 14th 2019

I got my shipment last week and started eating the Hartleys. Boy, I have I missed them! I usually finish eating my batch of walnuts within 4 months of receiving them. Then I wait 8 months for next year's crop.


Written by Jo H. on Dec 12th 2019

These are the BEST walnuts we have ever had by far. They are not bitter they are sweet and fresh! We have not purchased big box store walnuts since having Corky’s!! I have converted other people and friends to your product they are now totally committed to Corky’s Nuts!

Seasonal Goodness

Written by McCartney Family on Dec 11th 2019

This year's crop is as wonderful as previous years!! I read an article in Sunset magazine a couple of year's ago about Corky's Nuts and this is my 3rd season of the delicious nut! You can taste the California freshness all the way in Louisiana. :)

Lifetime fan

Written by Letty J on Apr 30th 2019

I gave these walnuts a try after reading about them on an old Sunset magazine. These are truly the best walnuts I have ever tasted! They are smooth as butter an never bitter. Now my family is addicted to them so I will be ordering them for years to come!

Organic happiness

Written by Nora V. on Apr 29th 2019

Unparalleled freshness and taste. Happiness is Corky’s nuts!

Corky’s Walnuts

Written by Katie F. on Apr 25th 2019

These are THE BEST walnuts I’ve ever had!!! Amazing flavor and so good for you! I have a hard time finding organic gluten free walnuts until now. They are such a wonderfully healthy snack and I LOVE THEM!!!!

Nuts about Corky’s

Written by Holly H. on Apr 22nd 2019

Walnut heaven. I have tried both Chandler and Hartley. Corky’s walnuts are THE BEST. Smooth creamy flavor of Chandlers, more robust Hartleys. I’m inspired to share, then hover over, ready to repossess the sack as soon as I can get it back. Just yummy...


Written by Courtney D. on Apr 22nd 2019

These walnuts are more than fresh and tender. They are BUTTERY and it fascinates me. I will not accept stale, bitter walnuts any longer. We must each put our foot down and only accept the best. I will only eat Corky's Nuts walnuts from here on out!


Written by Alex on Apr 2nd 2019

Best walnuts I have ever tasted. Truly delicious!!!

Highly recommend!

Written by Linda on Feb 19th 2019

These walnuts not only are delicious, without the usual bitterness I often get with commercially available walnuts found in grocery stores, but they are also beautiful, meaning almost all arrived whole! I highly recommend them!


Written by Jeanne on Jan 9th 2019

I am always very happy with my purchase. Fresh and delicious!!!

AWESOME...that's what these walnuts are!!!

Written by Julie M. on Jan 9th 2019

I feel so fortunate that I got a second opportunity to buy more nuts for this year. I regretted only buying three bags the first time (I bought six in 2017 but some were for gifts). I ordered two more bags and that should last me till next season...I hope.


Written by Terri T. on Dec 26th 2018

I love these Walnuts. I have been ordering them for a couple of seasons now. They are so fresh and taste so much better than the store packaged walnuts. I really like supporting local growers too. The Customer Service is always excellent and the growers are so friendly. I would definitely recommend these walnuts to everyone!


Written by Cara on Dec 24th 2018

Discovered these through SUNSET Magazine & have been ordering them ever since. They are great to snack on because they are incredibly fresh & no bitter aftertaste as with some walnuts. Make wonderful gifts too!

Add to anything!

Written by Rebecca Cox M. on Dec 23rd 2018

You just think you know how walnuts taste until you throw back a handful of Corky’s Nuts. We enjoy the Chandler variety on everything from salads to pancakes.

Chandler walnuts: Amazing!

Written by Sieglinde on Dec 23rd 2018

I am very pleased about the freshness and buttery taste of the Chandler walnuts and will be eating and enjoying them (all 10 pounds) the whole next year of 2019.

Love Them Nuts!

Written by Heidi on Dec 21st 2018

Seriously... I thought I hated walnuts. What I hated were the rancid, old, nasty store-bought ones you'd find in the baking isle. Corky's Nuts don't even compare. They are buttery, soft and taste like a little piece of heaven.

NOW I love walnuts!

Written by Julie M. on Dec 21st 2018

Growing up, I used to shell walnuts with my sister (good idea giving a seven year old a very sharp object to pry the meat out of the shell). I never ate them, they were bitter and that was that. Then came the article in Sunset magazine singing the praises of the creaminess of Corky's Nuts. Because to the healthy benefits of adding more nuts to our diets I thought I'd try them again. This is my third year ordering... I LOVE THEM!!!

We're Spoiled

Written by Peters Family on Dec 19th 2018

This is our third year ordering Corky's Nuts and we were counting down the months from the time we depleted our previous order to when we received this year's supply. The Chandler walnuts are our favorite; the flavor is so sublime that we eat them straight from the bag. We had been rationing them so that we have a bag a month, but due to family squabbles about who ate the last walnut, it appears we need to order more. Thank goodness they freeze well. We have become so spoiled being able to buy organic walnuts of such wonderful quality from Corky's Nuts that now nothing else will do!

Hartley: the best eating walnuts

Written by Ronald K. on Dec 19th 2018

I purchased 10 bags of Hartley walnuts (my entire order) this year after doing the taste test between the Hartley and Chandler walnuts last year. The Hartley walnuts are definitely tastier than the Chandler nuts and are my favorite walnut when eating straight from the bag. The Chandler walnuts are absolutely fine for baking and cooking.

Hartley, Chandler and Green Walnuts

Written by Lori M J. on Dec 18th 2018

This is my 3rd year. I discovered this company in Sunset magazine and have never been disappointed. I used to order 5 bags I think. This year I ordered 10. They never last past February. I have a friend who ordered for the first time this year. She is over the moon about the taste of these little gems. This year is the first time I have ordered both. The Chandler remain my personal favorite. They are so buttery and delicious. The Hartley seem to have a stronger walnut taste. I will be using these in cooking. I can't imagine ever buying my walnuts from the grocery store again. I received my green walnuts early summer. I am now giving out the Nocino liqueur I made last summer for Christmas gifts. Awaiting the reviews on that....On top of all the walnut goodness I am supporting a family run business. That may be the best part of it all!

Present for myself!

Written by Paula B. on Dec 17th 2018

This year I only purchased walnuts for myself and I'm enjoying them as I type this. They are the only walnuts I eat, because I didn't like walnuts before I had Corky's Walnuts. Thank you!


Written by Victoria P. on Dec 16th 2018

Another delicious shipment of FRESH, organic walnuts!


Written by Crichton G. on Dec 16th 2018

...the children were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of Corky's danced in their heads...

The best, most buttery, mild yet flavorful walnuts

Written by Courtney D. on Dec 15th 2018

These walnuts are so good, they require no accompaniment. You can eat them out of the bag, with dates, or in trail mix or in oatmeal cookies. They are delicious and the only walnuts we want to eat now. And they are good for the brain! Supposedly 9 a day reduce your chance of having Alzheimer's!


Written by Ashley A. on Dec 15th 2018

Your product is delicious and your customer service is amazing. I wouldn't order from anyone else. The freshness of the nuts is out of this world!

Buttery sweetness!

Written by Chris S. on Jul 23rd 2018

Your walnuts are amazing! CORKY'S NUTS are light years better than store-bought. I had some on hand to compare and my store-bought ones have the traditional tannic, earthy, walnut taste one would expect, but yours has this buttery sweetness I have not experienced before. Oh the possibilities! THANK YOU!!!

Fresh makes a BIG difference...

Written by Phyllis on Mar 2nd 2018

My husband and I have made the transition from junkie snack food to healthy. We are always chomping fresh nuts and dried fruit while on the go. We'd buy from bins at the "health stores" and then started to make our own concoctions. Adding Corky's Nuts brings the taste up to a whole new level. Love 'em!

Hartley - the best!

Written by Tamara on Feb 5th 2018

The 2017 harvest is the 1st time I've purchased Corky's Nuts and it won't be the last. These are by far the best organic walnuts I've tried! Worth every penny & I am kicking myself for not ordering more before this harvest sold out.

Subtle and delicate flavor

Written by Courtney on Jan 27th 2018

These are the only walnuts I want now. They're so good--they have a delicate, subtle flavor. Can't go back to the bitter ones from my usually-beloved Whole Foods.

Chandlers are goooood

Written by Sonya on Jan 26th 2018

We tried these walnuts and were so surprised and how delicious they are. Every piece is consistently buttery and fresh tasting. What a treat.

Great gifts

Written by Natalie N. on Jan 26th 2018

I sent these as gifts to clients and they were very impressed. They also loved the story behind the products. It's a gift I know they will enjoy and won't be getting from anyone else.

Simply The Best!

Written by Jonathan K on Jan 18th 2018

Growing up in Northern California amongst the walnut and almond orchards I never cared for walnuts. Walnuts were always bitter, but these are a whole different story! These are the freshest, creamiest, sweetest walnuts you'll ever have and Nicole is simply the best. This is my second year ordering them and our family usually devours a couple of pounds within the first week or two. Even my 5 year old can't get enough of them! We are customers for life.


Written by Erin J A. on Jan 15th 2018

We love the two varieties of walnuts and the nut butter. It's such a treat to eat fresh walnuts, and hard to find reliably fresh walnuts at the grocery store. I had given up on walnuts as can't deal with rancid nuts! Looking forward to getting fresh, delicious walnuts from you, and so glad we found you!


Written by Deborah V. on Jan 7th 2018

Delicious! First time buyer and I will order again!

Thank you.

Written by Anne W. on Jan 4th 2018

I am new to California and found you through an article in a Sonoma magazine. Your passion and philosophy about your walnuts made us want to place an order. This is my second year purchasing and this year I bought them for Christmas presents. I have never tasted or seen such beautiful walnuts. The color and fragrance are a result of your knowledge and love for this tiny nut. Thank you so much for such a delicious product.

Great gift

Written by Josh on Jan 1st 2018

Gave these to my dad for Christmas, and they were a big hit. Really fresh tasting walnuts! Thank you!

I'm a fan!

Written by Wendy Smith on Dec 31st 2017

I have always read about the health benefits of eating walnuts, but was never a fan of their taste. When I read an article about Corky's Nuts in a magazine I thought I would give walnuts another try. They are pricier than just going to your local grocery store, but they are so worth it! I bought the Chandler Walnuts and I love their mild almost buttery taste. Corky's has made me a fan!!


Written by Holly on Dec 26th 2017

Gosh, they were deeelish. Our Chandler walnuts arrived just in time to include in Christmas cookies with enough left over for eating on their own. Best tasting walnuts I have ever had. Thanks!

The finest walnuts

Written by Linda S. on Dec 22nd 2017

I bought three pounds of the raw walnuts this year. As usual, the quality is superb! As soon as i open the bag, my family is rushing to get their taste of the creamy deliciousness. The nuts found in the store can't hold a candle to Corky's Nuts.

Wonderful Walnuts

Written by Carolyn T. on Dec 15th 2017

So, happy I found the feature about your walnuts in Sunset magazine. Ordered ten pounds last year - 17 pounds this year. Where will it end? If walnuts are healthy for you, Corky's walnuts must be super healthy for you. I love them. Looking forward to my order of walnut oil to arrive in January. Thank you.

The perfect gift

Written by Bernadette on Nov 17th 2017

I received your walnuts as a gift last year and they were delicious. I live in upstate NY and I have never found walnuts that could ever possibly compare to your nuts. Honest!

No comparison

Written by Lori J. on Aug 3rd 2017

I ran out of my Corky's walnuts by March. Went to Costco to buy myself some more walnuts and I gave them away. I couldn't eat them after Corky's! Ordering lots more this year.

Never thought I liked walnuts...

Written by Heidi on May 31st 2017

Until I tried these gems!! Beyond compare.


Written by Ellen on Feb 27th 2017

I'm already out of CORKY'S NUTS and store-bought ones are not even close to as good as yours. I've tasted the walnut heaven now and other walnuts don't compare.


Written by Amanda on Feb 2nd 2017

They're unlike any other walnut I've had...so rich and smooth!


Written by Nurith G. on Jan 23rd 2017

Truly out of this world. I'll never go back to store-bought walnuts.

Best Nuts Ever!

Written by Page B. on Nov 21st 2016

I have been hearing about these nuts for years, and this year I decided to buy some! We only buy organic, so that's a plus...and with the farm being family owned that's a double plus! They are AMAZING! When you eat half a bag in a sitting, that's pretty awesome! Amazing flavor, and outstanding freshness one can have with a walnut! Can't wait to order more!


Written by Viki P. on Nov 17th 2016

Just received my walnuts - I ordered 1lb of each variety! Wow! They both taste fabulous! I'm going to order more! Thank You!


Written by Cory on Aug 23rd 2016

I love being able to order fresh, organic walnuts through people I know. Thank you for making these available to people across the country who wouldn't otherwise be able to enjoy seasonal, fresh walnuts. They are delicious!


Written by Hank on Aug 16th 2016

Yeah, I just ordered more. I don't have a problem, I swear. These are just *that* delicious.


Written by Marsha on Aug 14th 2016

After tasting my first bag of the Hartley walnuts, I realized that what I have been thinking all these years is what walnuts were supposed to taste like, is so totally inferior to what fresh, off-the-tree organic walnuts taste like! The taste sensation of CORKY'S NUTS is so far superior to anything I have experienced before!!!

They are awesome!

Written by Ana J. on Aug 9th 2016

Like nothing you'll get on the store shelves. We tried a store-bought one that my mom said were most definitely bitter. CORKY'S NUTS are so creamy and delicious. So worth the wait!


Written by Kay on Aug 9th 2016

Simply the best. My only disappointment is that I ordered far too few. Seriously. Far too few. Who knew a walnut could taste so delicious?!?


Written by Tamara on Aug 5th 2016

It's nice to know where these come from instead of buying random grocery store nuts. And the flavors are fantastic! I didn't know there were different types of walnuts before now. I munch on them straight outta the bag!


Written by Sarah on Aug 5th 2016

Great gift for friends and family. An experience from CA at its best! Love to share!

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