"They taste AMAZING! Now I'm a customer for life." - Franko, CA 


"Thank you, CORKY'S NUTS! They arrived today, and you are so right! Mom and I agree - there is nothing like them! We love the beautiful packaging. They are so fresh and look like they have been grown and harvested with love!" - Lisa, CA



"This tastes like the soul of a walnut. It's just so delicate and lovely, and it doesn't hurt that it looks like bottled sunshine. I sometimes have just a spoon of the oil by itself first thing in the morning. Definitely reordering!!"  - JE, CA


"I ordered 10 LBS and plan to order even more next year! I have to tell you, these walnuts are amazing. They are not like any other walnut I've had, which is a wonderful thing! I didn't even think I liked walnuts. Now I do!" - Hank, WA


"These are the best walnuts you have ever tasted in your life. It's amazing. You can never go back once you eat these. We literally fight over who gets to hold the bag while we eat them!" - Aliza, CA


"Just received my nuts! They are awesome! We did a taste comparison with a store bought brand that my mom said were most definitely bitter. CORKY'S NUTS are so creamy and delicious. Like nothing you'll get on the store shelves. So worth the wait!- Ana, CA


"This is the most fun I've ever had putting nuts in my mouth! In all seriousness, they are a vast difference from supermarket walnuts. CORKY'S NUTS are mild and tasty with very pleasant undertones." - Ian, TX


"I don't think my 2 bags of CORKY'S NUTS are going to last long. They are DELISH! Truly the best tasting, freshest walnuts I have ever had!- Maren, OR


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"I lurve my walnuts! So yummy." - Marnie, CA 


"My son tasted one of CORKY'S NUTS walnuts and said, 'Yum! These taste like noodles.' Considering noodles are one of his favorite foods, I'd say it's an endorsement. Thanks for sharing the farm fresh goodness!" - Shelley, MN 


"We're nuts over CORKY'S NUTS!! The best, creamiest & most delicious walnuts ever!" Darcy & Carolyn, NY