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Raw Organic Walnut Meal - 1.5LBS

Raw . Unsalted . Gluten Free . Sugar Free . Paleo . Vegan . Non-GMO . Certified Organic . Unpasteurized . California Grown  

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Our Raw Organic Walnut Meal is certified organic (CCOF/USDA) and is great for adding to smoothies, cookies, dressings/salad, cakes or whatever else your heart desires!

Naturally gluten-free, packed with protein & Omega-3's, our delicious walnut meal is a perfect way to add a fresh nutty experience to your wheat-free or paleo creations.

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Each bag contains meal from our fresh, seasonal organic walnuts. It's light in texture and has the same creamy, yummy flavor. Processed on equipment solely used for our organic walnuts.

1oz of walnut meal provides 2.6 grams of Omega-3 antioxidants.

Looking for recipe ideas, click HERE.



Our raw organic walnut products should ALWAYS  be kept sealed and in the fridge as the oils are fragile. Sunlight and warm temperatures will alter the oils, which can quickly affect the taste and quality of your walnut meal. Can be stored in fridge for up to 4 months and freezer for up to 8 months. 

To maintain the freshness and quality of your fresh organic walnut meal, please be sure to keep sealed and at a temperature between 33F and 41F


 **May contain occasional shell fragment** 




Walnut meal

Written by Elizabeth E. on Sep 20th 2022

I am now adding walnut meal to my nutritious morning protein and fruit shake. It is a wonderful way to start my day.


Written by Michael B. on Jul 31st 2022

Try THESE Folks! My wife Carol and I have discovered Soooo many ways to enjoy this outstanding product. An example is the difference Corky's organic walnut meal makes in our 'Thumbprint' cookies is phenomenal. A pleasure and a treat. Thank you to all the great people at Corky's Organic Nuts.

walnut meal

Written by amy on Apr 21st 2022

a beautiful addition to a gf baked good, a welcome texture in a finished savory dish, and an all-around delicious flavor.

Exceptional taste & good for ya!

Written by Jill on Feb 14th 2022

I sneak walnuts into everything, since I read about heart health. So even when I bake some not so healthy cookies, walnut meal is added and no one knows. And if I cheat and have some ice cream, the walnut meal gets added with some dark chocolate. Walnuts are so tasty and the pecans were the best tasting pecans ever! Corkysnuts, thank you for what you do to bring these exceptional “healthy” products to us via online. I started to look for your products when reading Dr. Gundry’s books and how good walnuts and walnut oil are for our bodies. Hope your business thrives, because we need you. Be well!

Best tasting!

Written by JC on Jan 11th 2022

Enjoyed the meal added to everything, nuts by the handful, butter on bananas or apples… and will start using oil on skin. I feel better by substituting this “golden” nut for bad items like peanuts. Read the Longevity Paradox by Steven Gundry… walnuts are on his “good list”. Thank you Corky’s for sharing your hard work and providing these products! You are heroes.


Written by Christie E L. on Jul 28th 2021

Great topping because of the "meal". Easy to make smooth in hot cereal.

Heaven in a bag!

Written by Clare H. on May 25th 2021

What haven't I used this in is more like it. This incredible, delicious meal is my go-to for adding texture and nuttiness to any dish I'm making. Curries, salad dressings, pasta, ramen broth (tip from @corkys.nuts IG), yogurt...its usages and versatility is ENDLESS and I love this stuff. Don't hesitate to get this!


Written by Christie on Jun 14th 2020

With any nut, I always heat it to get it to taste fresh with the oils awake so bigger flavor. This meal is good for any recipe which calls for a finely chopped nut. However my son has trouble swallowing, so I even have to Vitamix his oats and fruit. This meal is perfect for that usage. Instead of adding a half nut use the meal. Fresh, without all the work!

Delicious and clean!

Written by Shae on May 10th 2020

This walnut meal is unlike any I have ever tasted. I like to use walnut meal to make Vegan "parmesan" to top salads, and this meal took it to the next level. It doesn't have that cardboard taste- which I've realized is probably caused by low-quality, rancid walnuts. This walnut meal is fresh and clean and perfection! I've been eating more salads simply because I get excited to use this meal! Thanks so much!

walnut meal

Written by janiece on Apr 27th 2020

Great product arrived fast. Tastes wonderful!

Delicious Walnut Meal

Written by Zachary D on Apr 9th 2020

Amazing! An incredibly versatile easy addition to most meals, either savory or sweet. Either sprinkle raw on top while serving, or cook in to thicken and merge with all the other ingredients. So far, we've enjoyed it with oatmeal, egg dishes, salads, smoothies and sandwiches. While whole walnuts have a special place in my heart, walnut meal is proving to be a great friend to have in the pantry.

Walnut Meal!!??

Written by Satarius on Feb 22nd 2020

Who came up with this!? I can’t stop putting it in or on EVERYTHING! Protein shakes, yum! Sprinkled on salads, vegetables, my whole plate of food. Yum! I’ve even fried shrimp in it YUMMM!! I literally use this meal in place of my Nutritional Yeast. Get some of this!

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