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Cold Pressed . Certified Organic . Non-GMO . Vegan . Gluten Free . Unpasteurized . California Grown . 100% Pure

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Our unfiltered cold pressed organic walnut oil is made from our current 2018 raw organic walnut harvest (CCOF certified) and packaged in new glass bottles. Each small, handcrafted batch of our oil produces a beautiful golden amber hue and light nutty taste

Most walnut oils are made with roasted walnuts, are highly refined, and use a chemical process to filter oil for clarity. This high-heat method destroys most health and nutritional benefits of walnut oil. We never roast, use chemicals, or solvents in our processing or filtering. Our cold press method and gravity filtration preserves all the same health and nutritional benefits which are found in our fresh, raw organic walnuts. 

Walnut oil can be used for food and/or body. It's 100% organic and pure. Please note that your oil will be cloudy and separation will occur. This is normal and we think it tastes better this way. Just give a shake and serve! 

One bottle will last 4-6 months, depending on usage, and should ALWAYS be kept in the fridge to preserve oil quality. You can leave out to reach room temp prior to use, if desired. Keep in mind, heat and sunlight will alter/change oil and degrade flavor profile.  

PLEASE NOTE: Our oil should NOT be heated to cook with. High heat may cause oil to turn rancid. You can happily use on heated/finished cooked food. Walnut oil is perfect for dressings, garnishing pasta, and even a light drizzle over vanilla ice cream for a lovely nutty finish. It's also great for dipping bread!

Walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, Linoleic acid (omega-6), vitamins B-1, B-2, B-3, vitamin-E, niacin, and also have a significant source of vitamin-C. They're rich in phytonutrients and are an excellent source of selenium, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, iron, and calcium. 

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  • 16+ servings per 8oz bottle
  • 24+ servings per 12oz bottle


Benefits of walnut oil: CLICK HERE




Written by Linda W on Mar 2nd 2019

Best walnut oil anywhere! Delicious, smooth, healthy. Makes the BEST salad dressing!

Out of this world!

Written by Linda on Feb 20th 2019

Corky’s Nuts’ walnut oil is out of this world! It is beyond excellent! I’ve never found another source like it. Try the walnut oil salad dressing - you will be amazed!

Great product and amazing customer service!

Written by Justin on Oct 30th 2018

We just received our first order and could not be happier with the product! We use walnut oil as a supplement for my daughter who needs it for a medical condition she has. We decided that we wanted to find a cold pressed organic walnut oil for her as we believe it is a healthier option than the refined expeller pressed oils in stores. This was the only one I could find online that I felt could truly be trusted as I could see exactly where it was coming from. As far as flavor goes, it is excellent! Huge difference from the store bought brand that we used to get. The greatest thing about this company for us so far is their customer service. You can tell that they truly care about their customers and love what they do! Nicole was so extremely helpful with all of the many questions I had for her and took time to reply to every single one of my emails. When she found out that my daughter needed a bottle right away, she sent us a bottle from her private stash. Who does that!? We are so grateful!


Written by Jerame Paul on Aug 5th 2018

Order arrived timely and product was as advertised. The oil has a light taste with no after taste. I use the walnut oil in my morning smoothie and will try it on other foods for healthy benefits. Primarily using oil for the omegas and fight inflammation. This my first purchase and will evaluate the above results as time goes on. Will purchase again. Great Product!

Loved this product

Written by Andrea on Jul 12th 2018

My doctor suggested that I start using walnut oil for health reasons and this was the only organic oil I could found anywhere. I read the reviews and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product. It is actually helping me sleep, love the taste and impressed by the quality.

Made with love

Written by Mari on May 29th 2018

Your walnut oil is wonderful, the best I have tried! Thank you for all of the love that you put into making it, I can feel it. :-)

Absolutely the BEST!

Written by Petra D. on Sep 8th 2017

This oil is so.......delicious! I will be purchasing this on a regular basis. Thank you.

Brain-shaped medicine

Written by Lesley on Aug 2nd 2017

I work for a naturopath, and have tried just about every nut and seed oil and butter you can imagine, either as an addition to my food nutritionally, or taken medicinally in larger doses. This is absolutely the most amazing tasting oil I've ever had, of any kind! It is so rich it is like a butter and an oil at the same time, and it doesn't taste "oily" like some oils do (more oil than flavor). Totally delicious, and so good for you! Walnuts are shaped like the hemispheres of our brains, they keep synaptic connections strong, and improve the senses. No other organic raw oil has been this yummy, thank you so so much for providing this level of purity!


Written by Shawn A. on Jun 16th 2017

So, as an avid foodie and lover of tastes from all over the world, I'm absolutely in LOVE with this oil. I LOVE IT. I use it often for family dinners and it lights up any dish I use if for. I NEED MORE! It's my new jam. I highly recommend you use it on EVERYTHING. It's awesomeness in a can!

Love this stuff!

Written by Michael C. on Jun 1st 2017

So blessed to have this in my daily cooking repertoire. And 'course love them nuts too!

Rich and delicious!

Written by Katie on May 31st 2017

Corky's Walnut Oil makes everything richer and a little more interesting. It's so versatile, from making an incredible salad dressing base to pinch-hitting for butter on my popcorn. Thanks for making life a little more delicious!

Velvety Smooth

Written by Patryce on May 4th 2017

You will have never tasted anything like it. It’s like sipping on the essence of the sun and earth. Heavenly.

OH MY *#$%=!

Written by Henry on Mar 7th 2017

This walnut oil is gosh darn good. I'd like to use more expletives, but I'll refrain. Texture is out of this world!


Written by Aliza on Jan 14th 2017

THE best!


Written by Elizabeth on Jan 1st 2017

Love, love, love the walnut oil and your walnuts!


Written by Nicole N. on Dec 29th 2016

This oil is so smooth and creamy. I'm so thankful for CORKY'S NUTS by bringing their AMAZING walnuts to the general public! And now that they're offering up this small-batch die for.


Written by Dean on Dec 28th 2016

Made perogies and drizzled over after cooling. I'm soooo happy with this oil! Thank you for making such a lovely product.


Written by Lois on Dec 22nd 2016

This oil is fabulous. Just used it on baby pea shoots and plan to try with burrata and honey on a baguette. So delicious! You can taste the fresh walnuts on your palate the moment it hits your mouth...why would anyone use butter???