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If you haven't already noticed, we can be little rogue with our nuts in crafting recipes. We take risks. We throw them in just about every meal we make, and we love to experiment. Our fridge is packed full of walnuts and every chance we get, these bad boys are getting hurled into some concoction we're crafting in our kitchen. This dressing being one of them. 

Our dear friend, Aliza recently shared an image on Instagram (view here) of a wonderful dressing she recently made using CORKY'S NUTS. We were so inspired that we tried our own version on a whim. 

Yes, we're rogue. We threw in ingredients without measuring. That's how we roll.

Serving size - 2


  • CORKY'S NUTS Cold Pressed Organic Walnut Oil
  • Water
  • Handful of CORKY'S NUTS Raw Organic Walnuts 
  • 2 cloves of organic garlic (we liked it with a kick)
  • Few small sprigs of organic kale (spinach or any green leafy veg will do)
  • Himalayan salt & pepper to taste

You can add tahini and other nuts, as well as leaving out the greens - which top photo doesn't have. 


We threw it all in our blender at once. Which we'd still do if we did it again. Just note, the more you blend, the creamier it gets. We liked it chunky, so only blended it for about 10 sec. We used 1 part oil, 1-2 parts water. Our version was very thick and chunky. If you prefer a lighter dressing, just add more water. 

The kale gave it a nice green hue and also left small bits to liven up the look of the dressing. You can easily make this into a smoother, creamier sauce and play with additional ingredients. 

Add salt/pepper last to taste and stir with utensil. Again, if you like it chunky, but need to thin it out after mixing, do so with water by hand at the end.

Dollop it on your salads, use for a fabulous dip, or scoop right into your mouth.