JUNE 2024
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Raw . Gluten Free . Non-GMO . Certified Organic . Vegan . Unpasteurized . California Grown 

Our raw & green, unripened walnuts are certified organic by CCOF/USDA. These beautiful, green gems can be used for making a double-batch of Nocino (walnut liqueur), delicious chutneys, jams, and even pickling. 

Their inner shells haven't fully hardened completely, allowing the walnut to be sliced through. The walnut meat is clear and jelly-like at this time during their growth cycle. 

  • If using our green walnuts for eating, please select our smaller option as we pick these in late May, early June so you receive large, "olive-sized" walnuts.
  • If you're crafting Nocino, we'll pick when they're a bit larger to maximize walnut flavor/infusion. 
  • Orders canceled after May 25, 2024 are subject to a 30% cancelation fee. 
  • Green Walnuts will ship beginning June 4th to late June. 

NOW OFFERING: Our Organic Spice Kit is now available for making one double-batch of Nocino (5lbs) at just $10! 

Spice Kit includes: organic juniper berries, organic juniper branch/s, organic cinnamon sticks, organic cloves, organic vanilla beans, organic coffee beans (fresh strips of orange/lemon zest/peel should be acquired locally). 

Please note, as Mother Nature ultimately determines when our actual green walnut harvest happens, the estimated release date posted is our best "guesstimate". We will let you know via email how the walnuts are progressing and when we plan to harvest/ship each sizing.


WAITLIST ORDERS (TBD): Your order will ship by June 24th. Please email us with any questions you may have at



Our organic green walnuts should be opened right away to breathe and used for desired recipe within 24-48hrs of receiving. Please place in refrigerator to maintain freshness during this time prior to usage. Green walnuts may show signs of light oxidation, so you may see a few small dark spots appear on the green outer husk as well as a little skin dehydration. This is normal. Rinse with water only and let dry before use. 

When making Nocino, they can be cut in half by carefully notching the skin and then tapping it with a cleaver or heavy chef's knife. If you'd like to keep your hands stain free, we recommend using gloves when handling green walnuts as the tannins from the walnut husk is a natural dye and can stain your skin. 





Today, many people use green walnuts to make Nocino, a traditional Italian liqueur, during the Summer Solstice. Nocino traces its roots to the Celts, and was brought into Italy by monks.

When pickled or candied, walnuts are excellent addition to cold meats and cheeses. During the Sixteenth century, Englishmen and women were using them for jamming and pickling, while in the Middle East they were preserving them in sweetened, aromatic syrups.  


Corky’s Nuts

Written by Richard on Jul 5th 2024

Exceptionally pleased with the order. Nicole is a gem!!! I will definitely order again. The green walnuts were superb!


Written by Fritz H. on Jul 2nd 2024

excellent quality

Recent Purchase

Written by Dave H. on Jul 2nd 2024

Bought 5 lbs Unripe Walnuts and Season Packet for making Nocino. EXCELLENT PRODUCTS and SERVICE! HIGHLY Recommend!! Thanks for the Recipe for Making Nocino, too. Never made it before but I can tell so far it’s going to Exceed my Expectations!! THANKS!

Green Walnuts

Written by Anneliese T. on Jun 28th 2024

I searched for a long time to find a company to buy green walnuts from. Eventually I found Corky's Nuts and the reviews for the company were outstanding. I bought 5 lbs of green walnuts on a pre-order back in April. The ordering process was very easy and what I liked was that Nicole from Corky's kept me informed about my order until June, which was the time I was supposed to get the package. The shipment was perfectly packaged and the walnuts were fresh! I am very happy to have found Corky's Nuts and I will again order next year! Thank you, Corky's Nuts.

Green walnuts

Written by Gary R on Jun 26th 2024

Highly recommend. Walnuts fresh and delivery updates and they arrived on time and in great shape. Will definitely order again.

Green Walnuts

Written by Kelley B. on Jun 25th 2024

Arrived perfect!! Already soaking in vodka for nocino. I wish I could post a picture.

Green Walnuts

Written by Keegan on Jun 19th 2024

I have ordered these every year for the last few years to make my annual batch of nocino! The quality is excellent and the nocino they turn into is outstanding, last year I sweetened a portion of the batch with maple syrup that is made from the trees at my wife's childhood home, highly recommend that addition to your batches! Will continue this tradition!

green walnuts

Written by Susan on Jun 18th 2024

These are good quality, clean and very fresh. Size of the nuts is consistent (I purchased both large and small) and precisely as advertised. This is my third year trying to buy green walnuts from Corky's and I'm so glad I finally got my order in on time!

So collaborative on scheduling delivery of green walnuts!

Written by Louis H. on Jun 15th 2024

Corky’s Nuts was amazing in personalizing my delivery of green walnuts! When I had ordered them back in February I didn’t realize the very short delivery windows I had created because of travel away from home. When I wrote expressing concern, Nicole wrote right back and asked for my schedule details and then planned my order so that I would be home to receive them. It worked out perfectly! Thank you!!

Nocino Walnut

Written by Pasquale C. on Jun 28th 2023

the walnuts came at the time i requested them, great quality and they are now in the process of creating the Nocino. look for the full video of my Youtube channel, La Cucina Cooking with Pasquale, the video will be out in the end of July once the Nocino is done! i mentioned your Company in my video and will input all the info for my followers that want to make Nocino next year. thank you again, until next year.

green wanuts (second stage)

Written by Norman on Jun 23rd 2023

These were AMAZING!!! I used them to put up my yearly supply of nocino. I was all set for a several hour siege and the need to sharpen my knife. Less than an hour later, I was done. So fresh, so user friendly. Now I just have to wait six months...

Nuts for nocino

Written by Christopher D. on Jun 23rd 2023

Easy experience, great product! Thanks so much!

Love my nuts!

Written by Sherrill H on Jun 23rd 2023

Bought the green walnuts to craft my first batch of Nocino! So exciting. I first tasted Nocino 18 yrs ago in Italy and have always wanted to make some! Nuts arrived fresh and ready to go. I had all of my supplies ready, so my batch was put together immediately. Can't wait to finish the process and let it set and get delicious. Thanks Corky crew!

Walnuts for Nocino

Written by Julie D. on Jun 23rd 2023

The communication from the Corkys team was amazing. It made planning for the Nocino party I hosted with friends easy knowing almost exactly what day they’d arrive. The quality was also better than another vendor I’ve tried in the past. Looking forward to tasting the final product Nov 1!


Written by Dominic A V. on Jun 20th 2023

1st timer ordering from CORKY'S NUTS to make Nocino. Ordering process via the easy to navigate website was a breeze and follow up emails confirming order with updates on shipments were much appreciated. Nuts arrived as promised and beautifully packed. Every process was handled in a kind and informative way. My order form was personally signed with a note of Thanks and to Enjoy. In a day and age where customer service is generally lacking, this company goes above and beyond! Definitely has been a pleasure and will not hesitate to order again. Sincerely, Dominic Vaccari

Green Walnuts

Written by Stephen on Jun 18th 2023

I like to make nocino every couple of years. I have a great recipe from Italy. It's a magical elixir with properties that settle your stomach or help you sleep, after too much partying. Also, very good to drip over chocolate or vanilla ice cream. The main ingredient? Green walnuts. Must be made the first week of June. My green walnuts from Corky's nuts arrived on time, and protected. We made the first step of the nocino the next day. Now the mixture, in neutral spirts alcohol, sits in the warm Southern California sun for 40 days, and then will be filtered and mixed with a simple homemade syrup. Thanks again.

Green Walnuts

Written by Jela on Jun 20th 2022

I have ordered these walnuts two years in a row and I have to say they are the best!! You will never find better ones than from Corky’s. The walnuts arrived in perfect condition and were packaged really well. My mom makes her special home remedies with them. Nicole has been amazing and so sweet!! Truly top notch customer service. I think of her as a friend. You got a customer for life!! Thank you again for everything.

Raw green walnuts

Written by Vincent on Jun 17th 2022

The best walnuts. I would not buy from anyone else beside Corkysnuts.

Green Walnuts

Written by SU on Jun 13th 2022

110% recommend this! I preordered for the fresh harvest and am incredibly impressed! Amazing product! Awesome shipping! Will be an annual purchase from now on!

Green walnuts

Written by Jela on Jul 3rd 2021

Hands down, Corky’s Nuts is where you will find the most freshest and organic walnuts ever! The customer service is outstanding and Nicole is a sweetheart. She puts a lot of love and care in her packages of walnuts. Thank you for making my mom so happy!! You got a customer for life!!

Best Nutzzzzzzzzz

Written by This Nutzzzzzzzzzzz on Jun 29th 2021

It's been 2 years in a row now that I buy. Don't waste your time looking any further they have the best nutzzzzzzzzzzz in the world.

Green walnuts

Written by Renée F. G. on Jun 29th 2021

Seamless ordering and delivery and arrived in perfect condition. Very happy to have found a source for making nocino.

Green Walnuts

Written by Ivan on Jun 27th 2021

Despite signing up very late in the season, the products were delivered to Missouri in timely manner and great condition. This year's batch of walnut liquor is baking nicely in the sun. Nicole, the founder, was also willing to work with me to provide some extra stuff as requested despite being busy with the harvest. I'm definitely placing my order again next year!

Green Organic Walnuts

Written by Iryna D. on Jun 26th 2021

Walnuts came in a good and fresh condition. I highly recommend this company that offers a very special seasonal product for our health. Their outstanding labor is very appreciated.

Green walnuts

Written by Kirsten on Jun 20th 2021

Thank you for the gorgeous green walnuts! They’re resting peacefully for the next year or so when my nocino will be ready to enjoy. We can’t wait!

Green Walnuts

Written by Athena J. on Jun 20th 2021

I am so delighted with the green walnuts I ordered from Corky’s!! They arrived when expected and were exactly what I wanted. Corky’s kept me posted on when they would be delivered, and how to store them, which I very much appreciated. Additionally, Corky’s followed up to make sure the nuts were delivered and that everything was as expected. The service and support was as great as the product. I will definitely be ordering more from this company.

Green Walnuts

Written by Cathmo on Jun 16th 2021

So happy to find ya'll for my supply of green walnuts! I'm a huge fan of nocino and absolutely love to make it myself. The green walnuts arrived in perfect condition and were packed very well! I've already busted out one batch, and intend to do another this week. I appreciate both the recipes and the storage tips! I'll be back next year!

Perfect Green nuts for Nocino

Written by Bill D. on Jun 15th 2021

My 2 orders of green organic walnuts arrived on time and in perfect condition for making Nocino. I quartered them for the Nocino recipe and the nut flesh inside was perfectly ripened and ideal for Nocino. Corky’s spice packets that I ordered were very fresh with a juniper twig that looked freshly cut, accompanied by the other organic spice ingredients. Nice quality delivery and attention to detail!!

Green Walnut review

Written by John L. on Jun 15th 2021

The order I placed was shipped across the country to New England, Massachusetts to be exact. From shipping date to arrival was a mere couple of days. Processing Green walnuts is a time sensitive thing and Corky's Nuts gets it. The package came in excellent condition, well packed as well as the spice packet I purchased. Right from the first cut you can tell the quality and freshness was perfect. I ordered five pounds at a very reasonable price which by the way blows the competition also from California away. I won’t say who. The intent was to make the Italian Liqueur Nocino. I can’t tell you how good it is yet because time and Mother Sun have to do their thing. Having said that I have a feeling it’s going to be outstanding. Why, super fresh walnuts hand picked the way it’s supposed to be. Thumbs up to Corkys Nut. Check them out they are worth it.

Green Walnuts

Written by Kosa I. on Jun 14th 2021

This is my second year ordering green walnuts from Corky's. Last year I got 5LBS of organic green walnuts for putting in a jar. Also, I got them this year and for both years they were great. I love them so much. They are good for recipes like a drink or foodI Strongly recommend that people buy it too!

Healthy green walnuts

Written by Nikolay S. on Jun 29th 2020

The product arrived very fast. I am very happy with the shipment. Great condition walnuts. Thank you for your job! Definitely recommend!

Excellent Product and Service

Written by Victor A J. on Jun 29th 2020

The product arrived in great shape and ready for making my Nocino!

Green walnuts

Written by Svetlana on Jun 27th 2020

Great walnuts. Buying every year. Thank you for your job!

Green Walnuts

Written by Kymry H F. on Jun 25th 2020

I have been wanting to get to the Walnut orchards in mid june to collect green walnuts to make Nocino. I had given up hope until I found Corky's Nuts - while I was not able to visit I was able to get just what I wanted. Ordering was a piece of cake and they were shipped promptly. The arrived fresh and just what I wanted.

Healthy green walnuts

Written by Andrea on Jun 23rd 2020

This was my very first time ordering from Corky's Nuts, but not my last time! The green walnuts were healthy and their smell was amazingly rich. Shipping was fast and it was packed with care! If you decide to order you will not regret it, because these walnuts are the best walnuts in my opinion!

Green Walnuts

Written by Leah on Jun 23rd 2020

This is my first time working with green walnuts but they looked fresh and Iike I imagined. I sent a picture of them to my Italian relatives who told me they looked beautiful. They also arrived right when they said they would. Thank you!

A+ Quality and Speed

Written by Ela on Jun 23rd 2020

My orders were fulfilled in a swift and truly presentable manner. The quality of the walnuts is superb — never experienced anything like it elsewhere! I highly recommend Corky's Nuts. Nicole is wonderful; she went out of her way to promptly reply to my emails and give much appreciated advice. I'll be purchasing, from this wonderful business, yearly.

Green walnuts

Written by Sue on Jun 22nd 2020

This is my first year trying to make nocino! My green walnuts arrived exactly as I was told and I opted for the spice package for the nocino! It couldn't have been easier!

Green walnuts

Written by Sebina on Jun 22nd 2020

I am very happy with the shipment, it arrived on time and super packed! Will definitely order from you guys again! I also recommended you to my friends!

Green walnuts

Written by Irina S. on Jun 22nd 2020

Thanks so much! Greatly appreciate! Super fast - nuts were in very good condition!

Green walnuts!

Written by Victoria B. on Jun 19th 2020

In a fit of fermentation madness, I splurged on 5 lb EACH of Nocino-suitable green walnuts and jam/pickle-suitable ones. They arrived beautifully packed and per instructions, I opened the bags right away. Each set went into its own bowl and they were assigned their future missions within 24 hours, as recommended. Now there are 45 quartered larger walnuts steeping in 2 bottles of Everclear plus some vodka, along with flavor agents. There are another bunch of smaller quartered walnuts steeping in red wine for vin de noix. There are still more sitting in their first brine, starting the pickling process. I gave a pound to a dear friend. So there are jars and bowls stashed everywhere and I couldn't be happier! Thank you for all the wonderful things you make available to us!

Green Walnut Obsessed!

Written by Jessica B. on Jun 16th 2020

This is my second year ordering green walnuts from Corky's. Last year I used all 5 lbs for Nocino, which was excellent. This year I ordered the smaller size and am making a batch of pickled walnuts and a batch of walnut preserves. Corky's walnuts are excellent - I love the spicy, earthy aroma when I open the box, and it's been fascinating to experiment with different recipes and preparations. Definitely recommend!

Fresh Walnuts

Written by Lena W. on Jun 16th 2020

I purchased five pounds of fresh walnuts to make preserves and I couldn't be happier with the quality of the fruit. The walnuts were small, with a tender core, and earthy aroma which made them perfect for my needs. I couldn't wait to receive the walnuts, so I was a little impatient, but the folks were able to deal with me in a friendly and reasonable manner. This is a small company that harvests when nature approves to do so, just like in the old days. Chemicals and growth hormones don't call the shots here, so you have to wait! I highly recommend this company!


Written by Svetlana on Jun 18th 2019

I love your green nuts. Very fresh. Amazing service.

Green Emeralds (I mean WALNUTS)!!!!

Written by Sandra F. on Jul 5th 2018

After we returned last summer from Italy learning how to make Nocino in a cooking class, we were on the hunt for green walnuts. Unfortunately it was too late in the season and set our sights on summer 2018. Corkys Nuts did not disappoint ... The green walnuts arrived beautiful. Professionally packed. They arrived on time and the quality was outstanding! If you don’t have your own walnut tree this is the best possible choice instead. CHEERS! To Corkys!!!!


Written by N on Jun 26th 2018

Best green walnuts I’ve found in the US. Fresh, good size, great flavor.

Game Changer

Written by Henry D. on Apr 16th 2018

Holy sh*t game changer, as I literally cannot get fresh, green, organic walnuts anywhere short of knowing someone with a tree. They looked like jewels, feel oddly satisfying in the hand, and are surprisingly easy to cut. They will stain hands if not wearing gloves (little tip). The whole process of making my Nocino was wildly simple and fun - you could not have made it easier, or foolproof to make this delight!

Who knew?!

Written by Valerie on Apr 4th 2018

Loved the Nocino kit. I made this last June and then found out I have celiac. So sad that it will be several years at least before I can try my batch. It smells heavenly. Next time I'm making it with gluten free potato vodka. Such a great idea!!

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