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2018 SEASON: Raw Certified Organic Walnuts - 1LB

Shelled . Unsalted . Gluten Free . Non-GMO . Vegan . Unpasteurized . California Grown 

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$18.49 per LB on 5+

 $17.99 per LB on 10+


All our raw, fresh walnuts, pieces & halves, are certified organic by CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers). Walnuts are rich in nutrients, protein and omega-3's. They're a perfect addition to your diet and are ideal for snacking, cooking, baking and the perfect one-of-a-kind gift!

Packed in 1lb bags. (Ex. 1lb = 1 bag / 15lbs = 15 bags)

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Chandler walnuts are mild, creamy, and buttery. You might be wondering how that description fits a walnut and we're here to tell you it's true.

Chandlers have a thinner shell which produces a lovely mix of walnut halves & pieces during the cracking process. The halves are perfect for garnishing pies, cupcakes or eating straight out of the bag! This variety is also ideal for someone who is new to walnuts as they have a low tannin content with mild, smooth flavors.



The Hartley is great for those who love and savor the taste of walnuts. Slightly darker and more robust in flavor, their creamy and buttery texture is a favorite in our household. These gems are prized for their walnut flavor profile.

Hartleys crack out in halves, pieces and smaller segments as their shell is thicker, which results in slightly more breakage of the meat during the cracking process. 



Our raw walnuts should ALWAYS be kept sealed and in the fridge as the oils are fragile. Sunlight and warm temperatures will alter the oils, which can quickly affect the taste and quality of the walnut meat. If you plan to nibble and eat your walnuts on a regular basis, they are best kept in the fridge. For longer periods, they can be placed in the freezer for up to a year. 

To maintain the freshness and quality of your nuts, be sure to keep them sealed and at a temperature between 33F and 41F

  • 1 pound (450g) shelled walnuts = aprox 3 3/4 cups 
  • 1 cup whole walnut pieces = 4 oz or about 50 halves of walnuts
  • 1 cup chopped walnuts = 4.5 oz 
  • Approx specs: 220 pieces per pound. Bag size: 7″ x 12″

 **May contain occasional shell fragments** 




Present for myself!

Written by Paula B. on Dec 17th 2018

This year I only purchased walnuts for myself and I'm enjoying them as I type this. They are the only walnuts I eat, because I didn't like walnuts before I had Corky's Walnuts. Thank you!


Written by Victoria P. on Dec 16th 2018

Another delicious shipment of FRESH, organic walnuts!


Written by Crichton G. on Dec 16th 2018

...the children were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of Corky's danced in their heads...

The best, most buttery, mild yet flavorful walnuts

Written by Courtney D. on Dec 15th 2018

These walnuts are so good, they require no accompaniment. You can eat them out of the bag, with dates, or in trail mix or in oatmeal cookies. They are delicious and the only walnuts we want to eat now. And they are good for the brain! Supposedly 9 a day reduce your chance of having Alzheimer's!


Written by Ashley A. on Dec 15th 2018

Your product is delicious and your customer service is amazing. I wouldn't order from anyone else. The freshness of the nuts is out of this world!

Buttery sweetness!

Written by Chris S. on Jul 23rd 2018

Your walnuts are amazing! CORKY'S NUTS are light years better than store-bought. I had some on hand to compare and my store-bought ones have the traditional tannic, earthy, walnut taste one would expect, but yours has this buttery sweetness I have not experienced before. Oh the possibilities! THANK YOU!!!

Fresh makes a BIG difference...

Written by Phyllis on Mar 2nd 2018

My husband and I have made the transition from junkie snack food to healthy. We are always chomping fresh nuts and dried fruit while on the go. We'd buy from bins at the "health stores" and then started to make our own concoctions. Adding Corky's Nuts brings the taste up to a whole new level. Love 'em!

Hartley - the best!

Written by Tamara on Feb 5th 2018

The 2017 harvest is the 1st time I've purchased Corky's Nuts and it won't be the last. These are by far the best organic walnuts I've tried! Worth every penny & I am kicking myself for not ordering more before this harvest sold out.

Subtle and delicate flavor

Written by Courtney on Jan 27th 2018

These are the only walnuts I want now. They're so good--they have a delicate, subtle flavor. Can't go back to the bitter ones from my usually-beloved Whole Foods.

Chandlers are goooood

Written by Sonya on Jan 26th 2018

We tried these walnuts and were so surprised and how delicious they are. Every piece is consistently buttery and fresh tasting. What a treat.

Great gifts

Written by Natalie N. on Jan 26th 2018

I sent these as gifts to clients and they were very impressed. They also loved the story behind the products. It's a gift I know they will enjoy and won't be getting from anyone else.

Simply The Best!

Written by Jonathan K on Jan 18th 2018

Growing up in Northern California amongst the walnut and almond orchards I never cared for walnuts. Walnuts were always bitter, but these are a whole different story! These are the freshest, creamiest, sweetest walnuts you'll ever have and Nicole is simply the best. This is my second year ordering them and our family usually devours a couple of pounds within the first week or two. Even my 5 year old can't get enough of them! We are customers for life.


Written by Erin J A. on Jan 15th 2018

We love the two varieties of walnuts and the nut butter. It's such a treat to eat fresh walnuts, and hard to find reliably fresh walnuts at the grocery store. I had given up on walnuts as can't deal with rancid nuts! Looking forward to getting fresh, delicious walnuts from you, and so glad we found you!


Written by Deborah V. on Jan 7th 2018

Delicious! First time buyer and I will order again!

Thank you.

Written by Anne W. on Jan 4th 2018

I am new to California and found you through an article in a Sonoma magazine. Your passion and philosophy about your walnuts made us want to place an order. This is my second year purchasing and this year I bought them for Christmas presents. I have never tasted or seen such beautiful walnuts. The color and fragrance are a result of your knowledge and love for this tiny nut. Thank you so much for such a delicious product.

Great gift

Written by Josh on Jan 1st 2018

Gave these to my dad for Christmas, and they were a big hit. Really fresh tasting walnuts! Thank you!

I'm a fan!

Written by Wendy Smith on Dec 31st 2017

I have always read about the health benefits of eating walnuts, but was never a fan of their taste. When I read an article about Corky's Nuts in a magazine I thought I would give walnuts another try. They are pricier than just going to your local grocery store, but they are so worth it! I bought the Chandler Walnuts and I love their mild almost buttery taste. Corky's has made me a fan!!


Written by Holly on Dec 26th 2017

Gosh, they were deeelish. Our Chandler walnuts arrived just in time to include in Christmas cookies with enough left over for eating on their own. Best tasting walnuts I have ever had. Thanks!

The finest walnuts

Written by Linda S. on Dec 22nd 2017

I bought three pounds of the raw walnuts this year. As usual, the quality is superb! As soon as i open the bag, my family is rushing to get their taste of the creamy deliciousness. The nuts found in the store can't hold a candle to Corky's Nuts.

Wonderful Walnuts

Written by Carolyn T. on Dec 15th 2017

So, happy I found the feature about your walnuts in Sunset magazine. Ordered ten pounds last year - 17 pounds this year. Where will it end? If walnuts are healthy for you, Corky's walnuts must be super healthy for you. I love them. Looking forward to my order of walnut oil to arrive in January. Thank you.

The perfect gift

Written by Bernadette on Nov 17th 2017

I received your walnuts as a gift last year and they were delicious. I live in upstate NY and I have never found walnuts that could ever possibly compare to your nuts. Honest!

No comparison

Written by Lori J. on Aug 3rd 2017

I ran out of my Corky's walnuts by March. Went to Costco to buy myself some more walnuts and I gave them away. I couldn't eat them after Corky's! Ordering lots more this year.

Never thought I liked walnuts...

Written by Heidi on May 31st 2017

Until I tried these gems!! Beyond compare.


Written by Ellen on Feb 27th 2017

I'm already out of CORKY'S NUTS and store-bought ones are not even close to as good as yours. I've tasted the walnut heaven now and other walnuts don't compare.


Written by Amanda on Feb 2nd 2017

They're unlike any other walnut I've had...so rich and smooth!


Written by Nurith G. on Jan 23rd 2017

Truly out of this world. I'll never go back to store-bought walnuts.

Best Nuts Ever!

Written by Page B. on Nov 21st 2016

I have been hearing about these nuts for years, and this year I decided to buy some! We only buy organic, so that's a plus...and with the farm being family owned that's a double plus! They are AMAZING! When you eat half a bag in a sitting, that's pretty awesome! Amazing flavor, and outstanding freshness one can have with a walnut! Can't wait to order more!


Written by Viki P. on Nov 17th 2016

Just received my walnuts - I ordered 1lb of each variety! Wow! They both taste fabulous! I'm going to order more! Thank You!


Written by Cory on Aug 23rd 2016

I love being able to order fresh, organic walnuts through people I know. Thank you for making these available to people across the country who wouldn't otherwise be able to enjoy seasonal, fresh walnuts. They are delicious!


Written by Hank on Aug 16th 2016

Yeah, I just ordered more. I don't have a problem, I swear. These are just *that* delicious.


Written by Marsha on Aug 14th 2016

After tasting my first bag of the Hartley walnuts, I realized that what I have been thinking all these years is what walnuts were supposed to taste like, is so totally inferior to what fresh, off-the-tree organic walnuts taste like! The taste sensation of CORKY'S NUTS is so far superior to anything I have experienced before!!!

They are awesome!

Written by Ana J. on Aug 9th 2016

Like nothing you'll get on the store shelves. We tried a store-bought one that my mom said were most definitely bitter. CORKY'S NUTS are so creamy and delicious. So worth the wait!


Written by Kay on Aug 9th 2016

Simply the best. My only disappointment is that I ordered far too few. Seriously. Far too few. Who knew a walnut could taste so delicious?!?


Written by Tamara on Aug 5th 2016

It's nice to know where these come from instead of buying random grocery store nuts. And the flavors are fantastic! I didn't know there were different types of walnuts before now. I munch on them straight outta the bag!


Written by Sarah on Aug 5th 2016

Great gift for friends and family. An experience from CA at its best! Love to share!