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You may or may not have noticed we like to experiment with our walnuts and oil. The other evening we made a lovely cucumber salad using just a few ingredients. It's a great addition to any summer meal. We especially like the fact that it's a cinch to make!


1 large cucumber

1 large shallot

handful of mint leaves

2 tbsp CORKY'S NUTS Cold Pressed Organic Walnut Oil

2 tbsp rice vinegar


Slice cucumber in half lengthwise, or in rounds - your preference. If you slice in half, you can scoop out the seeds with a spoon. Then slice cucumber into 1/4" sections and place in bowl. Wash and dry mint leaves, slice into thin strips and add to cucumber. Chop or slice shallot and add. 

Make dressing to taste with equal parts walnut oil and rice vinegar. TIP: adding more oil will soften the sharpness of vinegar, if desired. If you don't have walnut oil on hand, that's ok! An olive oil or any other nut oil will do, even sesame!

Add dressing to bowl with all ingredients and mix with fork or spoon. Serve immediately.You can also chill in fridge if sharing for a later time. TIP: set aside and save the mint to slice & garnish prior to serving as it will brown if added too early before eating.