Organic Green Walnuts - 5LBS

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Raw . Gluten Free . Non-GMO . Organic . Vegan . Unpasteurized . California Grown

Our raw & green, unripened walnuts are certified organic by CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers). Green walnuts can be used for making Nocino (walnut liqueur), chutneys, and even pickling. Their inner shells haven't fully hardened and are still soft allowing the walnut to be completely sliced through. The walnut meat is clear and jelly-like at this time during their growth cycle. 

Aprox 50+/- walnuts per 5LB bag. Makes up to 2 batches of Nocino.



Our organic green walnuts should be opened right away to breathe and used for desired recipe within 24hrs of receiving. You may place in refrigerator to maintain freshness during this time. Green walnuts may show signs of light oxidation, so you may see a few small dark spots appear on the green outer husk.

Depending on how you're using them, they can be cut in half by carefully notching the skin and then tapping it with a cleaver or heavy chef's knife. We recommend using gloves when cutting, as the tannins from the walnut husk is a natural dye and can stain your skin. 




Today, many people use green walnuts to make Nocino, a traditional Italian liqueur, during the Summer Solstice. Nocino traces its roots to the Celts, and was brought into Italy by monks.

When pickled or candied, walnuts are excellent addition to cold meats and cheeses. During the Sixteenth century, Englishmen and women were using them for jamming and pickling, while in the Middle East they were preserving them in sweetened, aromatic syrups.  


Game Changer

Written by Henry D. on Apr 16th 2018

Holy sh*t game changer, as I literally cannot get fresh, green, organic walnuts anywhere short of knowing someone with a tree. They looked like jewels, feel oddly satisfying in the hand, and are surprisingly easy to cut. They will stain hands if not wearing gloves (little tip). The whole process of making my Nocino was wildly simple and fun - you could not have made it easier, or foolproof to make this delight!

Who knew?!

Written by Valerie on Apr 4th 2018

Loved the Nocino kit. I made this last June and then found out I have celiac. So sad that it will be several years at least before I can try my batch. It smells heavenly. Next time I'm making it with gluten free potato vodka. Such a great idea!!