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Non-GMO . Vegan . Fresh Picked . Grown Using Organic & Sustainable Methods .

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These gorgeous Hass avocados are grown in Ventura County just a hop, skip, and a jump from our organic production facility. 

Each avocado is hand-picked within 24hrs of shipping. Please select above which harvest week you'd like to receive your order. 

  • 3LB+: M/L size, 5-7+ avos per order
  • 6LB+: M/L size, 9-13+ avos per order
  • If WAITLIST, your order will either be fulfilled that harvest date or pushed to following harvest week. 
  • PERISHABLE - Shipping not available for PO Box addresses
  • NO peanut, soy, wheat, dairy, or other food-based allergens are used in our processing equipment



Avocados are loaded with fiber, are packed with OMEGA-3 antioxidants, and are great source of vitamins C, E, K, and B-6, as well as riboflavin, niacin, folate, pantothenic acid, magnesium.

Plus, they contain more potassium than a banana! 



Please open immediately upon arrival. 

Hass avocados are ready to enjoy within 4-10 days of receiving.

You can leave them out in a cool spot to ripen and keep an eye out for the ones that begin to soften. As soon as their skins begin to turn slightly dark in color and are slightly soft to the touch, you can dive right in!

You can hold off the ripening process at the point when they begin to feel soft to the touch. Just pop them into the fridge and you'll gain a little more time. Just be sure to check on them!  

Our favorite way of enjoying them is to slice them in half (remove pit). Add a little sprinkle of sea salt, a drizzle of walnut oil, and enjoy right out of the rind. We also mash them over bread/toast, top off with a fried egg and a sprinkle of our walnut meal.

You can also make a fabulous dressing. Place 1/2 an avocado, oil of your choosing, vinegar or lemon juice and a little salt/pepper to taste into a blender, or mix by hand. Easy and so delicious!


Please email us within 24hrs if you happen to notice any defects or issues relating to your order: info@corkysnuts.com You're always welcome to reach out with any questions as well!


Written by Christie L. on Apr 13th 2024

They are picked at the right time. They are green enough to come without bruises. Take little time for the to finish ripening. Love them. They also keep longer if put in refrigerator after ripe. Love the taste of yours better than others I find in Calfornia.

Yummy avocados!

Written by Deb Z. on Apr 11th 2024

These are the best avocados. They stay fresh for a long time. And when they’re ripe, they are absolutely perfect. Corky’s is the only place I will buy avocados.


Written by Petra on Aug 21st 2023

The avocados were THE best I have ever had!! Thank you so much! Also the pecans and walnuts are absolutely delicious too!! So happy I found your site!


Written by Ashley on Aug 9th 2023

We ordered the avocados and they were delicious. Arrived on time and were perfect for our guacamole. Love Corky's Nuts!


Written by Carolyn W. on Aug 8th 2023

Rich & Creamy -- YUM


Written by Jennifer on Aug 1st 2023

These avocados are wonderful! I store in the fridge & then set out for a couple of days on the counter and they are ready to go. They don't turn black either. So good!

Gorgeous avocados

Written by Lori on Jul 25th 2023

Delicious and worth every cent. So beautiful you want to take photos. My kids like avocados again.

Beautiful & Perfect avocados!!

Written by Lori A. on Jul 25th 2023

Thank you so much for offering Avocados! They arrived in perfect condition!!!

Annual Spring Gift

Written by Caralyn D on Mar 28th 2023

My parents, both in their 80s now, love avocado toast as much as any millennial. I send them a box of these avocados every spring. They are so far above the quality of avocado my parents can normally get in a small town supermarket in Georgia it is not even funny. Corky's avocado season is much beloved. Thank you as always, Corky's!

Review of walnuts, pecans, avocados, pomegranates, etc

Written by Shelley B. on Sep 26th 2022

We moved from Southern California to Michigan 3 years ago and somehow found Corky's nuts online. It has been so wonderful purchasing from this company. The walnuts cannot be beat. The pecans are delicious. I adore the pomegranates. And the avocados....there are no words to describe the difference between one of Corky's avocados and one I get from the local MI grocery store. The taste is beyond. Each product I have purchased has exceeded all of my expectations. The packaging is always well done; the items come without damage and arrive happy! I love the handwritten notes that are included in the box. I enjoy reading the website and the emails I periodically get. This company is top notch and I'm so pleased that I can support them AND get quality product. THANK YOU! Highly recommend!

Lamb Hass avocados

Written by Richard P. on Sep 24th 2022

These are so much better than any store bought avocados, hands down. Sorry to see the end of the season so soon, will be waiting anxiously for next year. Thank you Corky's family.

Not Your Garden Variety Avocado

Written by Rick on Aug 13th 2022

I remember when I thought there was only 1 orange, brightly colored and barely flavored, often dry. One apple, maybe 2, a red one and a green one. One tomato, unless you count the ones still stuck on the vine as a second. Not any more. Nature is amazing and the variety put forth in nature is incredible. And the way food it grown has a huge impact on its flavor and nutrition. I now hunt out 10 different types of apples, oranges and tomatoes on a regular basis (when they're in season). So imagine what I thought when I first read about these amazing avocados. I get my avocado at the store just fine, can these be different? Can you even find the name of the avocado you buy in the store? WHOA, was I surprised. I tried both varieties of avocados from Corky's this year (my first avocado season since discovering their amazing walnuts, pecans, oils and spreads last winter). These avocados are full of flavor like no other I have eaten from a store or restaurant. They are smooth, creamy with rich texture, full of flavor and are so good right out of the peel that I fight myself to put them into guacamole or spread on toast...they are just that good. But do put them on toast, sliced or smeared, add a poached or soft fried egg on top and rock your breakfast into the day. Full of nutrients to give you energy, open your mind and power you to the next meal. You will love it, I promise. Quickly, I can't review this without praising Nicole at Corky's. Excellent and fun communicator, never leaves you guessing, always writes a personal note and is available if you have any questions. It's hard to find any customer care/love like that anywhere. And good luck finding that at your store if you try to ask about the avocado there...oh wait, you never have to buy another tasteless, generic avocado from the store again. Corky's Nuts/ Avocados/ Clementines/ Oils/ Spreads are the best. Thank you Nicole and team.


Written by Mary B. on Aug 6th 2022

Avacados arrived in perfect condition, shipped out fast. Excellent service.


Written by Marylyn on Jul 18th 2022

This is our second year of ordering these avocados. Last year’s were amazing, so creamy and delicious. I love the way they are picked at different stages, so they don’t all ripen at once. We have one almost ready to eat and we can’t wait!

Green Gold

Written by Thomas on Jun 16th 2022

These avocados were great from start to finish. I received 17 in the box. They started to ripen 3-4 days after arriving and then ripened progressively till the last 6 or 7. Those I stuck in the fridge and they stayed good in the fridge for the next week. The avocados tasted great and had no issues. I would definitely order these again.


Written by mary b. on May 18th 2022

They arrived in perfect condition, and now are slowly ripening.


Written by Caralyn Davis on Apr 17th 2022

This is my second year buying avocados for my parents. They're both in their 80s, and they assure me that these are the best avocados they've ever eaten. One day I hope to be able to buy some for myself too lol. But the octogenarians are very pleased to get this taste of spring!


Written by Rosemarie K. on Sep 20th 2021

This was the very first time purchasing the LAMB HASS AVOCADOS - and they are fantastic. Perfect with such great flavor. We have purchased nuts over the years but not these. My family and I can't wait for next year and another opportunity to purchase these delicious fresh avocados. Thank you so much, your produce speaks for itself, amazing. Stay safe, have a beautiful week, and May God Bless. Sincerely, Rosemarie Kleinberg & Family

Large Haas Avocados

Written by Elizabeth E. on Sep 6th 2021

I live in a 55 plus community and have shared the avocados with those of my neighbors who would view avocados as a luxury. They all raved about the size, taste and texture. As always your products are excellent.

no other avocados like these!

Written by Sarra C. on Aug 26th 2021

I'd ordered walnuts from Corky's last year and was blown away by how fresh and delicious they are. When I got an email about avocados, I thought, "How different can an avocado be?" But I remembered just how good the walnuts are, and I decided to give them a try with a small box. WOW, was I ever wrong! These avocados are absolutely incredible! I've never had anything like them. They're so incredibly flavorful and creamy! They keep extremely well in the fridge, and ripen to perfection on my kitchen counter within a few days. They also seem to stay fresh longer than any grocery store avocado I've ever had; I store partial avocados & their pit(s) in an airtight container in the fridge, and somehow it takes a few days for them to start browning, even without lemon/lime juice added (a step I always have to take with grocery store avocados). I ordered another - bigger - less than two weeks after my first avocado box! I'm a Corky's avocados convert!


Written by eskay on Aug 24th 2021

The avocados are packed carefully and arrive in pristine shape. They are quite large - much larger than I've ever found in a store for a Hass-type avocado. They need a few days to ripen, but then perfection! They are smooth and delicious with a very bright yellow-green, more vivid than I've seen before. So worth it! Another great product from Corky's Nuts!

Haas Avocados

Written by Brad De Luchi on Aug 23rd 2021

Truly delicious avocados. Smooth, creamy, full of flavor.

Best avocados ever!

Written by Claire P. on Aug 23rd 2021

These are perhaps the best avocados I have had the pleasure of eating. They were large and perfect, and even ripened one at a time! I have already ordered more. It's the one way I spoil myself these days


Written by Susan E. on Aug 23rd 2021

These are the best avocados we've ever had. This is the 3rd or 4th time we've ordered them. They ripen slowly and not all at once. Simply delicious.


Written by Deb on Aug 10th 2021

These are the best avocados we have ever eaten! Smooth, full of flavor. And they are double the size and last longer than the sad, store-bought imported ones.


Written by Debbie W. on Aug 2nd 2021

These avocados are delicious and far superior to any organic USA avocados purchased in local stores. I enjoy a half an avocado every morning on toast with Trader Joes Everything but the bagel sesame seasoning. Delicious! I also make vegan guacamole with these avocados, again so delicious! If I have to say something other than they rank a #10 in my book, at times the skin is so thin that it's hard to peel....I'm ok with that though, it's worth it!


Written by C Connelly on Aug 2nd 2021

The absolute best we have ever had. They are huge & delicious. Worth every penny!

perfect avocados

Written by Rebecca A on May 29th 2021

Thank you Corky's Nuts for providing such beautiful and delicious avocados. This is my second year in a row of ordering these perfect avocados and will certainly order again next year.

Avocado heaven

Written by Deborah Z. on May 10th 2021

I had forgotten what real avocados tasted like. They were so amazing! And I feel really good about supporting this wonderful business.

Avocados are Exceptional

Written by Wendie H. on May 10th 2021

After thoroughly enjoying and savoring each avocado from Corky’s I do not know how I can return to eating road-weary, watery and mushy avocados from the grocery store. The taste and texture of Corky’s avocados were creamy and so deliciously flavorful. Prior to Corky’s avocados I had no idea what a picked-less-than-a-week-ago avocado from California tasted like. I couldn’t resist eating them with a spoon right out of the shell.


Written by Christie E L. on May 5th 2021

As in all crops, there are good years and bad years. With the understanding, that with Corky's Nuts, even a bad year it is so much better than any that you can buy in store and also a farmer's market. This year they were on the small size but did not suffer in taste. They ship them green so they do not bruise or turn black from air. It is worth the wait.

The Avocados!

Written by Laura P. on Apr 30th 2021

I started ordering the avocados last year and now I can't buy any at the store! Within a few days of arrival, they start to ripen and they always taste perfect! Never mushy or stringy. These are what avocados are supposed to taste like. Thank you!!


Written by Susan E. on Oct 10th 2020

This is our 2nd order they are so good. They are hard when they arrive so be patient. Fortunately they don't ripen at the same time. These are absolutely delicious. The best we've ever had.

Gorgeous, huge, buttery avocados!

Written by Courtney D. on Oct 6th 2020

When my latest shipment of Corky's Organic Walnuts arrived, I couldn't get over how beautiful--and massive!--the avocados were, nestled in the box beside the walnuts. I'd impulsively added them to my order, not realizing they'd be this wildly impressive. I put them in a brown bag in a kitchen cabinet, to get fully ripe, and a few days later, voila. They are now perfect. I am enjoying them with eggs in the morning and as guacamole with my lunch. Everything I've ever ordered from Corky's has been topnotch. Love this company!


Written by Richard P. on Sep 7th 2020

We have been enjoying these wonderful avocados all summer long. They have always arrived in good shape, and have ripened very nicely over the course of a few days on the counter, and then hold well in the fridge. Already looking forward to next summer's crop when it becomes available.

Silky-Smooth and Creamy

Written by Christina on Jul 17th 2020

As a Miami, FL native, I am partial to the big green avocados I used to pick from the tree in my backyard growing up. Having said that, these glorious CA avocados from Corky's are now tied for my favorite treat. They were carefully packaged, arrived quickly, and stayed fresh FAR longer than any store-bought avocados. The taste and texture is just out of this world.

Avocado's were YUM!

Written by Ashley A. on Jun 2nd 2020

The avocados are really good. They are so much fresher then the store bought. This was my second order. Delicious!


Written by Julie on Jun 2nd 2020

Best avocados I've ever had! So good I sent some to my son and he is delighted as well. So happy to support CA grown!

Buttery, delicious avocados!

Written by Claire P. on May 18th 2020

These avocados are just perfect, and I am a serious life-long avocado conneseure. They are buttery and flavorful and miraculously, they ripened one per day in the 6-pack I ordered. The packaging was great, nothing was damaged and I was so excited when they arrived!! I highly recommend.

Haas Avocados

Written by Irma G. on May 18th 2020

These avocados are of the highest quality. They are rich tasting. I have really enjoyed incorporating these beauties into many of my recipes and meals. I highly recommend these to anyone.


Written by Shae W. on May 10th 2020

If you're on the fence about buying these Avocados don't hesitate - DO IT! This is our second year receiving a box of Avos from Corky's and we look forward to it every spring. They are creamy, fatty and ripen up perfectly. We use them on sandwiches and avo toast of course, and we made a big batch of spicy avocado crema for tacos this year too. Huge fans over here! You can't find Avocados this good in any grocery store.

Tasty Avacados

Written by Ben on May 4th 2020

These avacados are great. They're so tasty I don't even need to add salt.


Written by Laura on Apr 28th 2020

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to order these beautiful avocados from a local grower. When the box arrived, I opened to find six large, beautiful green orbs, ready to sit on my counter and finishing the ripening process. Five days later, the first avocado was ready. To my great joy, I cut into a perfectly ripe, unblemished fruit. It was creamy and delicious. I will order these again.


Written by Diane on Apr 21st 2020

What a nice treat to have these days! The avocados arrived on time and in beautiful shape, and were delicious. Buying more for next week.


Written by Anne V. on Apr 20th 2020

I got the avocados with the citrus box! The avocados were beautiful, fresh and tasted like a bite of pure sunshine. Given current circumstances where health and well being are on so many people minds, a meal of avocado and citrus is just what the doctor ordered!!


Written by Carey R. on Apr 20th 2020

I’m pretty much an avocado snob and these are things of beauty!! They are quite big for a Hass avocado and they arrive at your doorstep in perfect condition. I waited for them to ripen and they were absolutely delicious. Well worth the three days of anticipation.... Pure avocado JOY!!!

The BEST Avocados

Written by Patricia on Apr 17th 2020

Got a box of these last week. The best avocados ever!


Written by Freddi on Apr 13th 2020

Received in perfect condition! First one used for my Birthday omelet. Oh so perfect! Nothing comes even close here in Ohio - thank You!


Written by Henry on Mar 23rd 2020

Fresh, rich, luscious avocados. Ripened evenly, which is AWESOME! Truly fantastic.

I never knew...

Written by Lois on Mar 23rd 2020

I adore avocados...big, small, ripe, almost ripe...there is not a thing that I don't love about avocados. But...I NEVER KNEW how magnificent an avocado could be until my shipment arrived. They are singularly the BEST avocados ever! And (spoiler alert) I put a few into the fridge in hopes that they would stay good for a few extra days AND a week later, they were as great as the day my shipment arrived! Thank you for an order that I need to put on automatic!!!

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