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As we move toward the midpoint of 2021 and reflect on the past year and a half as individuals and as a small business, one of the themes which repeatedly presents itself is being of service.

We started CORKY’S NUTS in an effort to be of service. We sought to shift experience, educate, and inspire people by providing access to fresh seasonal organic walnut products. Along the way, we have been pleasantly surprised to have discovered a remarkable community of avid food lovers, eager to learn about and implement what CORKY’S NUTS provides. As a result of the kindness, generosity, support and excitement from our growing community, we have been able to continue to passionately be of service and make a difference in our own little way.

We were recently asked, “What has helped ease the turbulence during such a time of adversity?”

Through presented challenges, both as a global community and as a small family business, the commitment to being of service has been our North Star. Taking the mental focus off of that which we can’t control and making our days about caring for our customers and our craft, has been our most significant source of ease. This practice, along with the heartwarming product reviews, emails, calls, and letters of encouragement, has really kept us going. The excitement we get from seeing your feedback come in is something we look forward to every single day.

As makers, there is a distinct sense of honor present when people share our products with those they are closest to. Whether as gifts or as stories about how our products have impacted you, we consider it a priviledge to be a part of your conversations and are grateful to have the opportunity to extend the difference we make, through your sharing.

In our wildest dreams, we never expected that embracing the act of spreading awareness about fresh, seasonal organic walnuts would be our public expression of contribution, but we’re so glad it is, because it has connected us to you - a beautiful community of walnut lovers that makes everything we do, worthwhile.

Thank you for who you are for us. 

- Nicole & Eric