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As CORKY'S NUTS is a somewhat seasonal company with a very special seasonal product offering (you know, those famous organic walnuts), when October rolls around, not only are we consumed with preparing for harvest and gearing up for our insanely crazy packing and shipping schedule, we are also consumed with thinking of all of you. All good thinking too! 

To put it out there, every year that passes since we launched our online sales in 2015, we become more amazed and grateful for you. For your support, your love, your detailed feedback, your sharing of who we are with your community, and your willingness and patience to wait up to 6-8 months to get our fresh walnuts into your hands. You have committed to receive these little golden nuggets we get to lovingly care for all year long, and every time we look at one of the trees, we think of you. It's a beautiful thing. During every task of tending to the orchards and the farm, you all are on the brain. When harvest rolls around, our appreciation becomes even more present to us. 

We wouldn't be able to do what we do without your support. Plain and simple. 

Over the past 12 months, we've experienced many ups and downs: from fires, to delays, growing pains, breakdowns, disappointment, success, and your unwavering support. We can't express enough how much each of you mean to us. Someone said, "I can feel the love that goes into your products." For that to translate into your overall experience of our food makes all the irrigation snafus, long hours, mechanical breakdowns and consistent managing of our orders and shipping throughout the year all worth it. We do this for you. 

We understand you have a choice and we want to acknowledge and thank you for choosing us. Thank you for supporting small farms. Thank you for valuing flavor and handmade products. Thank you for honoring what we do. Most of all, thank you for taking a risk and ordering a product you might not have ever experienced before and for being an active participant in our journey. 

We are grateful for you.