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IN-SHELL Raw Organic Walnuts - 3LBS 


Raw . Unsalted . Gluten Free . Sugar Free . Paleo . Vegan . Non-GMO . Certified Organic (CCOF/USDA) . Unpasteurized . California Grown  


We're offering a very LIMITED QUANTITY of our fresh, Hartley Raw Organic Walnuts straight off the tree and still in their shells for you to enjoy whichever way you desire.

You'll get first access to our delicious 2023 Harvest as these gems ship within weeks of them being shaken off the trees. Yummy indeed!

  • HARTLEY variety
  • Handwritten cards available for gifts
  • No peanut, soy, wheat, dairy, or other food-based allergens are used in our processing equipment
  • If "pre-ordering" products with a release date posted, all items in your order will ship at the same time



Each bag contains 3lbs of over 100+ fresh, seasonal organic in-shell walnuts. The shells of the Hartley are a little harder, so you'll need just a little bit more elbow grease to crack these beauties open. They're worth the extra effort, trust us!

Crack them out using your favorite cracker while sharing stories with family, use them to decorate your upcoming holiday gifts, or even make actual decorations/ornaments with them. We even made CORKY a Halloween costume with them!

Yields up to 1.5lbs of fresh, raw organic walnut meat.

FYI - As these are in-shell organic walnuts, we cannot guarantee that every walnut you crack open will contain walnut meat inside. This is natural and very normal. Some walnut meat may have a little "shrivel" at the ends, and maybe it'll just be void. This is also normal due to summer heat when the walnut is developing. To give some perspective, if you have 100 walnuts, roughly 40% will result in meat. We've included enough in-shell walnuts in your order to yield up to 1.5lbs of fresh, organic walnuts to enjoy!



Our raw organic walnut products should ALWAYS  be kept in the fridge as the oils are fragile. Sunlight and warm temperatures will alter the oils, which can quickly affect the taste and quality of your walnuts, even in the shell.

Can be stored sealed in fridge for up to 4 months.


 **May contain occasional shell fragment** 




Walnuts in their shells

Written by Richard M. F. on Nov 28th 2023

Very difficult to find walnuts in their shells. Cracking them after a big family meal was a tradition, usually during a card game. I can still see my dad and uncles cracking nuts…barehanded! Thanks for providing a healthy and delicious bit of nostalgia.

organic walnuts in the shell

Written by patricia on Nov 24th 2020

They are beautiful to look at.....and very tasty too. My family and the squirrels in the yard are very thankful... Thank you!

In shell walnuts-fresh from the orchard

Written by Jonathan K. on Nov 18th 2020

So fresh and delicious. It was great to be able to have some fresh walnuts in November to hold us over until our order of shelled walnuts arrives In December! My son asked after cracking one open “do they butter these before they send them to us because they are really creamy...“

Covid-19 Stress Buster

Written by Lois on Nov 16th 2020

In my “other life,” walnuts came in a nice, neat self-closing bag from CORKY’S NUTS...simply open and indulge, so to speak...but the offer of walnuts in the shell intrigued me, so I ordered them and discovered that the actual act of cracking these perfect nuggets is a stress-buster! In Covid-Caution mode, frustration is my companion, but now I get to relieve some stress by my new mantra; Squeeze, Crack, Eat.... Squeeze, Crack, Eat.......