It all began back in 1975 when my parents acquired land in a small, beautiful valley located in Northern California. After a few years of country living, they figured what better way to utilize their land, than to grow something on it. They also had two young, rambunctious children they wanted to put through college. One of them being me. Hence, a walnut farm-college fund was born. 

After college graduation, I moved to NYC and launched my design company and began hosting home renovation design shows. A mouthful, isn't it? During holiday trips home, I would haul back bags of our freshly harvested organic walnuts to stock up for the year. I'd share my private stash with clients and friends and immediately after tasting, I'd always hear how incredible our walnuts were and that they'd never tasted walnuts like these before. I appreciated the love, though never quite understood the impact.  

My "a-ha" moment came the first time I shared our organic walnuts with my husband, Eric. When we first started dating, he so kindly bought a bag of organic walnuts from a popular natural food chain as a thoughtful gesture. I ate one walnut and had to spit it out. It tasted old, dry, and bitter. You just might relate. I had never purchased walnuts from a store because I always had access to fresh ones. The look on Eric's face when I spit out his "thoughtful gift" was comical. 

This obviously was not such a nice gesture on my part. However, it was during this moment I realized, most of the general public does not have access to freshly harvested organic walnuts. That is, unless you know a walnut farmer. Well, now you do. 

For the past 37 years, I've watched my father, Corky tend to his trees and the land as if they were his own children. There's a lot of love and care which goes into growing our organic walnuts. CORKY'S NUTS was created as a way to honor him and to provide people, like you, access to the great tasting organic walnuts I've spent all my life enjoying. 

 - Nicole (the farmer's daughter)



Did you know when you purchase organic, or even non-organic, walnuts from a store or large online retailer, that bag of walnuts could be up to 1, or even 2 years old? Yes, you read correctly. After their fall harvest, most walnuts are stored in various conditions until an order is placed or put on store shelves. The only visible information on a package of walnuts about their age, is the expiration date. There's really no way of knowing how old those nuts are or when they were harvested.

Do you want old nuts? We certainly don't.

Here in the US, all walnuts are harvested between September and October. That's why our certified organic (CCOF) walnuts ship directly to you in early December right after we harvest, crack out and hand pack them with care. 

CORKY'S NUTS is committed to providing you with fresh, seasonal organic walnuts. Sweet, creamy, buttery, delightful golden morsels. When was the last time you were "wowed" by a walnut?

As we like to say on the farm, "You haven't tasted a walnut until you've tasted CORKY'S NUTS."