FALL 2021
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Non-GMO . Certified Organic (USDA & CCOF) . Vegan . Fresh Picked . Hand-Harvested . California Grown

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This seasonal release of certified organic Passionfruit is out of this world delicious. Passionfruit is a wonderful addition to seltzer and cocktails or can be topped over ice cream, yogurt, and added to salads. If you're an avid baker, Passionfruit packs a flavorful punch to cakes, frostings, and fillings. 

Our favorite way to enjoy them is to delicately slice in half and eat right out of the rind with a spoon. Seeds are also edible and add a lovely fun crunch to anything they're added to! 

This is a SEASONAL offering. Shipping September - October only. 

  • SMALL BOX (2lbs): averages between 12-20 fruit
  • MED BOX (4lbs): averages between 28-40 fruit
  • LARGE BOX (6lbs): averages between 42-60 fruit
  • Add handwritten gift card - $4
  • Slight discoloration is normal
  • Multiple address shipping available if sending to others
  • PERISHABLE - Shipping not available for PO Box addresses
  • NO peanut, soy, wheat, dairy, or other food-based allergens are used in our processing equipment
  • ALLERGY - packed in a facility which processes organic walnuts/pecans



Passionfruit is loaded with antioxidants, Vitamin C & A, beta carotene, and dietary fiber. They contain a low glycemic index and are rich in polyphenols. 



Please open immediately upon arrival. Our fresh organic Passionfruit can be kept in a bowl on the counter out of direct sun, uncovered, and at room temperature to ripen.

Fruit with smooth skin is almost ready, though will be very tart and have more liquid (some people really like them at this stage). Once they start to dimple, they've become more sweet and ready to enjoy, so keep an eye on them! 

The best way we like to open them is to slice just the top portion off so you gain access to the inside. Then take a spoon and pull all the pulp/seeds away from the sides. Either spoon out or enjoy directly out of the skin. 

You can also store ripened pulp/seeds in a separate container in the freezer for up to 3 months.  

Please email us within 24hrs if you happen to notice any defects or issues relating to your order at You're always welcome to reach out with any questions as well!

Great fruit!

Written by Susie P. on Oct 5th 2021

The passion fruit was so delicious and perfect!! And great, recyclable packaging. You all are doing a great job. The taste of Hawaii for me in rainy Seattle.


Written by Norman H. on Oct 4th 2021

It's almost impossible to find good passion fruit: ripe, full of puree, and with that aroma that only the good ones have. EACH AND EVERY ONE satisfied those hard to find criteria. I had been happy with my first purchase - green walnuts. I'm ECSTATIC with the passion fruit, and I suspect this southern Italian guy is gonna feel like he's back home when the pomegranates arrive.

Passionate about Passionfruit

Written by Lois on Sep 30th 2021

Just received my shipment of passionfruit, and…..OMG!!! Sweet, tangy and fragrant, I’m not sure what I want to do first…..prepare my passionfruit sauce for grilled halibut, or just eat the entire box RAW!!! Thank you for offering this exquisite , healthy treat!

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