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Non-GMO . Vegan . Fresh Picked . Certified Organic (CCOF) .

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This stunning, seasonal release of assorted citrus are grown in Yolo County. Each order will contain roughly 7+lbs of an assortment of fresh citrus below.

  • Navel Oranges (7 +/- ea.) - great for eating & juicing
  • Blanco Oro Grapefruit: (1 ea.) - classic grapefruit flavor
  • Ruby Grapefruit: (1 ea.) - ruby interior, sweet and delightful
  • Valentine Grapefruit: (1 ea.) - light pink, with subtle/sweet flavor

This is a VERY LIMITED offering of this Mixed Citrus assortment. 

  • PERISHABLE - Shipping not available for PO Box addresses
  • NO peanut, soy, wheat, dairy, or other food-based allergens are used in our processing equipment.



Citrus is high in VITAMIN C, folate, & dietary fiber. They contain Vitamin A, calcium, potassium, & are loaded with antioxidants. 



Please open immediately upon arrival. Our fresh assorted citrus should be kept in cold storage and can be left out if enjoying them within 3-4 days. Will last up to 3+ weeks in the fridge. 


Please email us at with any questions!

Highly Recommend!

Written by Keegan on Apr 10th 2023

Have ordered walnuts in the past and have been super pleased, decided to try some citrus this year, specifically lemons to craft some limoncello with. Lemons were fantastic, customer service was even better. Will be ordering again in the future!

mixed citrus

Written by Ginny on Mar 22nd 2023

What a late-winter treat! I had nearly vowed off grocery citrus for fruits that were dry and had no flavor. This box has restored my faith in how good real, fresh citrus is. I've never had a sweet lemon before! The tangerines were packed with flavor. Everything was amazing.

Nearly everything in the box was great

Written by Yuliya B. on Mar 22nd 2023

The fruit in the box arrived in perfect condition and there was quite a variety! It was tough to tell if something was a mandarin vs an orange and I sometimes got it wrong, but what I've tried so far is delicious. The only exception being the small blood oranges – they were a bit too bitter for my taste. Otherwise, good stuff.

Mixed citrus box

Written by Ellen B. on Mar 8th 2023

My box came at a time when the cold weather had gotten me down and the muted neutrals of the winter landscape. What a bright, cheery, beautiful abundance of yellow, orange, and green citrus fruits. A blast of color. And then the flavor - oh my!! I have never eaten such delicious oranges and avocados. I bought two boxes as birthday gifts for friends, and then couldn't resist getting one for myself - I am so glad I did. This is going to be a regular seasonal treat I'll look forward to!

Sunshine in a Box

Written by Christina on Jul 17th 2020

Glorious, perfect citrus that almost glowed as I opened the box. Everything was so fresh and delicious (those kumquats were like nature's sweet-tarts)!

Great quality citrus

Written by Yuliya B. on Jun 11th 2020

I've ordered the mandarins before and they were perfect. The mixed citrus is the same – loved the juicy sour kumquats, grapefruits, lemons and especially the finger limes. Excellent service, excellent produce.

Citrus fruit

Written by Kelly K. on Jun 8th 2020

A great variety nice and fresh.

Mixed Citrus

Written by Tamara L. on Jun 3rd 2020

Fine fresh organically grown fruit delivered to my door along with my favorite walnuts & walnut oil. Yes, please!


Written by Molly K. of Alabama on May 11th 2020

I've not had citrus this "perfect" since I lived in California in the late 90's. It is freshly picked, shipped promptly and intensely juicy with a "kind" hit of sweetness on your tongue. For a snack or with a meal! For juicing or cocktail ingredient, this citrus is unsurpassed and sets precedence. You'll receive your shipment within just days, and it's one I look forward to receiving. It's Christmas morning in a box--the smells, the colors! It is a staple in our home, and I reorder multiple times a month. Everything I've ordered from Corky's Nuts is beautifully absolute.


Written by Eilis on May 11th 2020

The box of citrus I received was magnificently delicious. I am blown away. So very delicious.

A vision

Written by Shae W. on May 10th 2020

This box of citrus was a vision! Pure light and sunshine! It truly warmed my soul, after a long cold winter followed by a Spring spent in quarantine due to Covid. I live in Colorado where we have a hard time getting any good citrus, to the point that we rarely buy it anymore. This box was such a special treat. We put all of the citrus fruits in a big bowl in our kitchen, and it just brought so much cheer to the room, and my husband and I both looked forward to trying a new fruit each day. Thank you so much! I just made my second purchase. Worth every single penny!!

Citrus Box

Written by Carolyn on May 5th 2020

Receiving the citrus box was like finding treasure in my mail. So delicious.

A good assortment

Written by Ben on May 4th 2020

I got a good mix of everything, blood oranges, regular oranges, lemons, grapefruit, and even some caviar limes.

An absolutely beautiful and perfect product

Written by Anne V. on Apr 20th 2020

I work in our big county hospital and amid lockdowns, social distancing and always misplacing my mask at work, I knew I needed something to give me a boost. I ordered the mixed citrus box, avocados and oil knowing what I’d be having for lunch as soon as I got the box. It came quickly! I made a salad and had a couple of the mandarin oranges for lunch the next day, and just about everyday since. I swear I felt a boost to my immunity shoot through my veins at the first bite. I also had an immediate boost to my spirit, getting a dose of California sunshine and a whole lotta love from the personalization and attention of the folks at Corky’s Nuts. It’s the love that you can ONLY get from people who LOVE and LIVE what they do; only from a small business! Thank you Corky’s Nuts!!

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