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Non-GMO . Seedless . Vegan . Fresh Picked . Grown Using Organic & Sustainable Methods .

.   .   .   .

These beautiful Gold Nugget Mandarins are grown locally in Ventura County. They're easy to peel, full of juicy sweet flavor and have that famous, fresh citrus tartness!

These gems are NOTHING like what you find in the grocery store. 

Each mandarin is hand-picked within 24hrs of shipping. These are alternate bearing trees, so the next time you'll be able to enjoy them won't be in 2024. 

  • Multiple address shipping.
  • 10LB - aprox 35-45+ mandarins
  • 18LB - aprox 65-75+ mandarins
  • PERISHABLE - Shipping not available for PO Box addresses
  • NO peanut, soy, wheat, dairy, or other food-based allergens are used in our processing equipment.


Gold Nugget Mandarins are high in Vitamin C, Folate, and dietary fiber. They contain Vitamin A, Calcium, Potassium, and are loaded with antioxidants. 



Please open immediately upon arrival. Our fresh Gold Nugget Mandarins should be kept in cold storage and can be left out if enjoying them within 3 days. Will last up to 4 weeks in fridge.


Please email us at with any questions!

Golden Mandarins an unexpected Spring treat

Written by Laurel on Apr 14th 2022

I ordered the golden mandarins in the hopes that we could have some delicious fresh fruit for our annual Spring Break hiking trip. April in Seattle is a sad, sad time where there is nothing fresh and local to be had in the fruit department. I admit that I was dubious, imagining that somehow these mandarins would be as sad and dried out as the ones you get at the store this time of year. Was I ever wrong! These mandarins are juicy and sweet and are perfect for a hiking lunch. I will 100% be ordering them again. Every time I open one I am newly amazed at how fragrant and delicious they are—and easy to peel as well!

the very best

Written by Sarra C. on Apr 12th 2022

No hyperbole - the best mandarins I've ever had in my life. Will be ordering more whenever possible.

Orange Nuggets of Love

Written by Paula J Bass on Apr 12th 2022

I buy the large box of these morsels of love so I can share them with my family and friends.

Mandarin Oranges

Written by Valerie on Apr 9th 2022

The oranges were delivered as promised and are wonderful. They are very fresh and juicy!


Written by S Thompson on May 10th 2021

I order them every year because they are SO delicious!

Mandarin delight

Written by Shelley B. on Jul 27th 2020

I have purchased multiple items from this company.....walnuts, pecans, avocados, mandarins. Each item is delicious. I have reordered many times and highly recommend.

Lucious Mandarins

Written by Paula B. on Jul 22nd 2020

I LOVE these juicy balls of goodness! I love combining them with beets and walnuts for a refreshing summer salad. Btw, I sent a box to my sister in Florida. Thank you!


Written by Lynn on Jul 21st 2020

LOVE the mandarins! So sweet and easy to peel! The best part: my husband, who does not eat fresh fruit, eats 2-3 a day! They arrived quickly and in beautiful condition! Thank you!

Mandarin Oranges

Written by Susan on Jul 21st 2020

These Mandarin Oranges are delicious. They are sweet, easy to peel and it's hard not to eat them all in one session.

Golden nugget gems

Written by Diana on Jul 6th 2020

Another beauty I snatched up along with my chandler walnuts. We are big fans of mandarin oranges and golden nuggets are delicious! Exactly as described - easy to peel, juicy, sweet and crisp tartness. Give them a try if you love oranges!

Mandarin Oranges

Written by Katie F. on Jul 1st 2020

I’ve been buying mandarin oranges at the store for my kids for years and I’m ruined on them forever! The mandarin oranges from Corky’s Nuts are hands down the best I’ve ever had!!! So juicy and full of flavor and I swear you can feel the California sun when you eat them! So refreshing and delicious!


Written by Janet C. on Jun 2nd 2020

Fresh and sweet. Arriving promptly!


Written by jeanne s. on Jun 2nd 2020

Great tasting!! Top quality


Written by S Thompson on May 25th 2020

These mandarins are delicious! Sweet, juicy, tender and so easy to peel. A treat to have in the refrigerator as a snack or for dessert. I've orderd twice and will be getting more.


Written by Pat T. on May 20th 2020

I ordered these in the midst of the pandemic for the first time. I wasn't going into a grocery store, but was ordering staples from Amazon or Thrive. We had pasta, rice, oats, dried fruits. But not much fresh food! I ordered the mandarins, and my four grandchildren in our house went crazy! The box of 10 lbs. disappeared! They were so fresh and tasty. Plus they needed the vitamin C. I reordered 20 lbs. Same story, they quickly disappeared! I sent a box to each of my sons, another box to two grandchildren who lived elsewhere. I sent a box to my cousin for his birthday! I've never ordered fruit anywhere before. These mandarins are excellent!

Such sweet and juicy nuggets!

Written by Claire P. on May 18th 2020

These are so sweet and easy to peel! My little kids can even peel them, which is great until they sneakily eat them all ;).


Written by Pam on May 18th 2020

During this pandemic it was like having a box of sunshine delivered to my door. It truly made me smile to see that box sitting outside my front door, so full of promise. The mandarins were really tasty - juicy & sweet, & they seemed to taste better the longer they sat. I just ordered another batch!

Fresh and juicy mandarins

Written by Yuliya B. on May 18th 2020

Mandarins arrived in great shape – way better than anything bought at the grocery stores nearby and a good value too!

Mandarin oranges

Written by Iain G K. on May 17th 2020

This is our second purchase. They are so sweet. Such a nice treat while stuck at home. A perfect dinner dessert. We keep them in the refrigerator.


Written by Wami C. on May 15th 2020

The sweetest juiciest mandarins ever! Picked and shipped to us the same day - there no comparison to anything from any grocery store!

mandarin oranges

Written by Bonnie W. on May 13th 2020

These are prefect! Sweet, juicy, easy to peel and seed free. Thank you Corky's for doing what you do.

Sweet little mandarins

Written by Ben on May 4th 2020

I got 5# of these sweet little gems, and I'm going through them so quickly, I wish I had ordered 10# of em. They're very tasty


Written by Kim L. on Apr 20th 2020

Oh my goodness! Each one tastes exactly the same as the next one, and the next one...! Delicious, juicy, just the right sweet and tangy citrus. Very impressed, appreciate the skills!

Amazingly delicious mandarins

Written by Carey R. on Apr 20th 2020

These are big juicy delicious mandarins. They taste like spring and they make me smile. Perfection!!

So delicious!

Written by Shawna on Apr 16th 2020

I recently ordered some of your produce to ship as a care package to my children and grandchild as a way to connect during this awful quarantine. It was so nice to hear back from them how much they enjoyed their surprise treats. My 2 year old grandson gave the mandarin oranges a thumbs up and said they were "So delicious!"

Mandarin Oranges

Written by Susan E. on Apr 12th 2020

These are delicious - sweet and juicy.

Mandarin orange mania!

Written by Laura on Apr 9th 2020

I bought 5 lbs of the golden nugget mandarins because I was craving fruit. OMG - they are so perfect. I have been having two each day and now going to add to a simple salad. They came on time, as promised. Everything I order and receive from Corky's is perfect.

nature's candy

Written by Kate E. on Mar 23rd 2020

These mandarins are like candy! I gave up sugar and these babies to the trick. I'd give more than 5 stars if I could - 5 million stars!!


Written by Keaton on Mar 23rd 2020

Far superior to what you find in the grocery store. These mandarins are so sweet and juicy. Once I start, I can't stop eating them!

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