"Sun-Roasted" Raw Organic Walnuts

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2017 SEASON: Raw Certified Organic Walnuts - SUN ROASTED

Shelled . Unsalted . Gluten Free . Non-GMO . Vegan . Unpasteurized . California Grown . Limited Quantities 

All our Sun-Roasted raw walnuts, pieces & halves, are certified organic by CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers). Walnuts are hand packed in 1LB bags. (Ex. 1LB = 1 bag / 15LBS = 15 bags)

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We're thrilled to now offer our "sweetened-by-the-sun" organic walnuts for our 2017 season in limited quantities. These rare walnuts are darker in appearance and have a crisp, yet creamy and buttery-rich flavor profile with delicious caramel undertones. All are hand sorted and selected for quality.

Due to their limited availability, they're an incredible find for the ultimate foodie. We offer "multiple address" shipping & gift cards if you'd like to send to friends and family for the holidays! 

Fresh walnuts are rich in nutrients and are a perfect addition to your diet. Packed with protein and omega-3's, they're great for snacking, cooking, baking, and eating straight out of the bag. 



Our raw walnuts should ALWAYS be kept sealed and in the fridge as the oils are fragile. Sunlight and warm temperatures will alter the oils, which can quickly affect the taste and quality of the walnut meat. If you plan to nibble and eat your walnuts on a regular basis, you may keep in the fridge for up to 6 months. For longer periods, they can be placed in the freezer for up to a year. 

To maintain the freshness and quality of your nuts, be sure to keep them sealed and at a temperature between 33F and 41F

  • 1 pound (450g) shelled walnuts = aprox 3 3/4 cups 
  • 1 cup whole walnut pieces = 4 oz or about 50 halves of walnuts
  • 1 cup chopped walnuts = 4.5 oz 
  • Approx specs: 220 pieces per pound. Bag size: 7″ x 11″

 **May contain occasional shell fragment** 





Written by Marla on Apr 28th 2017

Some of the whole pieces look like they are covered in chocolate! They are delicious!


Written by Christina on Mar 1st 2017

These took my devotion to CORKY'S NUTS to a whole new level. The flavors are rich and deep with no hint of bitterness whatsoever. Sweet & delicious!