Raw Organic Walnut Butter

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Stone Ground . Unsalted . No Sugar . Gluten Free . Non-GMO . Vegan . Unpasteurized . California Grown . Certified Organic

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Our handcrafted raw organic walnut butter is made using our current 2017 organic walnut harvest. Each small, single ingredient, batch is stone ground and smooth in consistency. A luscious, buttery spread using just our fresh walnuts alone! 

Most walnut butters are made with roasted walnuts or by using a high-powered food processor or auger. This high-heat method destroys enzymes and many health/nutritional benefits of raw walnuts and their oil. We never apply heat to our walnuts so you get to enjoy all the same health and nutritional benefits found in our fresh, raw walnuts now in this delicious buttery spread. 

Walnut butter is perfect for using in dressings, smoothies, slathering on bread, or even a dollop over vanilla ice cream/oatmeal for a lovely nutty finish!

IMPORTANT: Moisture can affect the longevity of walnut butter, so if you're one to devour quickly, your jar can be left out. Refrigeration is ok, and please note colder temperatures will slightly thicken the butter and may decrease it's flavor. Please be mindful of double dipping, cross contamination, and leaving out unsealed.

One jar will last up to 4 months, depending on usage. Light separation may occur. 

Walnuts, and their oil, have been cited as one of the best antioxidant sources among tree nuts and are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, Linoleic acid (omega-6), vitamins B-1, B-2, and B-3, Vitamin-E, niacin, and vitamin C.    

  • SAVE $1 off each jar when you purchase 3 or more!
  • Made in a gluten, dairy and peanut free facility.
  • Packed in recyclable glass jars.
  • May contain small shell fragments.


Benefits of walnut oil: CLICK HERE



Nothing else compares to this jar of heaven

Written by Lara on Feb 24th 2018

Everything that Corky's Nuts has to offer is of the highest quality. It's fresh, it's good for you...and it's absolutely delicious. I was so excited to try the raw walnut butter and I knew it wouldn't disappoint. I received my order of walnuts and this jar of walnut butter and I'm already addicted. I make healthy and yummy baked goods at home for my husband and I to eat for breakfast and we will find ANY reason to slather the walnut butter on anything. It's amazing on our apple carrot flax muffins. Just slather butter, sprinkle a dash of cinnamon, eat, and repeat. The texture is so creamy and on point. I haven't had a walnut butter or any nut butter that is just perfect like this one. I think everyone should have a jar (or two, or three) at home.

Best Ever!

Written by Lois C. on Feb 19th 2018

I'd give this 6 stars if I could. Kudos to CORKY'S NUTS for the best walnut butter ever! I love that it remains soft (and spreadable...or dip-able...or spoon-able) even when under refrigeration. Just ordered my FOURTH jar, since it's a major part of my go-to breakfast; multigrain English Muffin, a (generous) dollop of this walnut butter, sliced banana, and a drizzle of honey. Elvis would have LOVED IT!


Written by Tamara on Feb 5th 2018

So dang good, The BEST!!! As someone who 3 years ago transitioned to a plant-based diet (but still misses butter like crazy), this spread is dreamy. Spread some on toast, sprinkle some sea salt, and I have found my buttery tasting sub. Also, this is 100% walnut - unlike a lot of other brands that are cut with cashew (the one nut I do not care for) - so thank you!

My newest obsession!

Written by Maripat N. on Jan 23rd 2018

From my first taste of this magnificent butter, I knew peanut butter will be regaled as my second choice! This butter is amazingly delicious on anything....toasted sour dough bread, celery sticks, apple slices, or just by the spoonful for a quick creamy, nutty smooth taste of heaven. I haven’t shared my stash with even my husband knowing he will devour it quicker than me! Ordering more today as my selfishness is eating away at my conscience! Thank you for another amazing Corky's Nuts product!

Love it! Best food discovery in 2017.

Written by Munirah C. on Dec 26th 2017

Best food find of 2017 for me! I have been a cancer patient for a couple of years now and needed a nut butter that was alkaline AND approved on Dr Sehbi’s alkaline food list. I found Corky’s Nuts Organic Walnut Butter and wanna share it with everyone. It tastes amazing on bread, but makes a perfect snack, when slathering a piece of apple with it. Yum! Love it and ordering more today!

Thumbs up!

Written by Patricia on Dec 22nd 2017

Highly recommend. It's very smooth and creamy - unlike any other Nut Butter I've ever had. Everyone should get some!